What do you need to support your active travel?

Bikes and Active Travel is a Sedgefield Development Trust project. With our Facebook “Sedgefield Bicycle and Active Travel Project” group membership now over 200 members, the project continues to grow! This is an update of what is happening in Active Travel at the moment and a chance to mention what will be coming up in the coming months.

We have been working very hard with Durham County Council and Sedgefield Town Council to find out what the people of the Sedgefield area want from Active Travel in the area. If we know what to focus on, we can provide the facilities and infrastructure that will make it easy for you to get around without the car.

Of course, when we find ways for people to get around whilst leaving the car at home we will free up road space for people who really need to drive into the village. Some of the things we have asked about on the Facebook page include:

Pavement Parking
What can be done to help pedestrians and especially pushchair and wheelchair users to get along the pavements and past parked cars without having to go into the road? Are there areas where alternative or improved parking are needed to help people park off the pavement, or do we need alternative enforcement to make pavements safe?

20mph Limits
As lots of people have commented on the speed of many vehicles through the village, and as several of the new estates have or have considered 20mph limits, many people feel that a wider 20mph limit around the village might improve safety in the centre, and may also encourage people to avoid taking a short cut rather than using the bypass.

Improved pedestrian crossings
Where do you want to cross the road? If we had extra crossings, where would be most convenient to help you get to the shops or to get the children to school?

Increasing Parking
Could the diagonal road near the bus shelter be closed off to provide more parking spaces for visitors to the town?

We are lucky that since Lockdown and with the formation of the government’s new Active Travel England agency headed by Chris Boardman, we find ourselves at a point in time where there is an acknowledgement that people want to travel by bike and on foot for local journeys. In the past, our area has often felt like a poor relation when improvements are being allocated; we now believe that we have an excellent opportunity to push for investment in our area and make getting around healthier, cheaper and stress-free!

The questions to the left and many others will be the subject of a public consultation in the next few months. It is vitally important that we get as many people in the area to give their opinions of which improvements we want and why we need them.

Changes will only happen with public support and we need to know what all travellers in the area want. Without engagement we are stuck with the status quo, so this is your big chance to get the changes you want.

Please watch out for details of the consultation in the various town social media streams and as a paper -based version available at various locations around the town. Your voice is important and we look forward to hearing from you!

A round up from the Schools

Community College remains “Outstanding”

Sedgefield Community College (SCC), part of the Laidlaw Schools Trust, received an Outstanding Ofsted grade following a two-day visit in May.

This was the school’s first inspection since being judged to be ‘Outstanding’ in all respects in March 2017, with the new report confirming that it ‘continues to be an outstanding school’.

The report adds: “Pupils and staff feel that this is a place where they are safe, happy and valued behaviour around school is impeccable”.

Paul Fleming, Headteacher, commented: “We are delighted that Ofsted have recognised the fantastic work of our students, staff, governors and wider community over recent years. “It is a tremendous achievement for everyone who is part of SCC and the Laidlaw Schools Trust that we continue to be an 'outstanding' school. “We look forward to continuing to develop and providing the best possible education for all of our young people.”

Ian Simpson, CEO of the Laidlaw Schools Trust commented: “We are incredibly proud of our staff, pupils, and families at Sedgefield Community College for their well-deserved Outstanding grade. "SCC perfectly embody our mission to transform lives through inspirational education with their highly ambitious curriculum and fantastic support for pupils’ broader personal development.”

Sedgefield Hardwick enjoyed their very first Sports Day and Summer Carnival since 2019 on Friday 8 July.

The sun had his hat on and we had an incredible day. After lots of Sports Day practice throughout the week, we were ready to race our friends and have fun in lots of different races.

Our first race was the assault course and what a race it was! Lucas, from Year 2 explained that, he loved the maze because crawling through the tape was a challenge but very fun. Bridie who is also from Year 2 said “Crawling through the parachute was very exciting because I didn’t know when it was going to end!”

Our final race was the 60 metre sprint. Joshua from Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed the final race, stating “I just love running with my friends so I really enjoyed it!” It was a close call during the awards ceremony, with Team Oak winning Sports Day 2022.

We were delighted that the weather was on our side and remained glorious for our long awaited Summer Carnival. There was so much to do and we had a great time! A main event at the Summer Carnival was Hardwick’s Got Talent, organised by Year 6 and it was a fantastic event.

Chloe, from Year 2, who made it to the final, said “I was nervous at the start because there were lots of people looking at me. But, when I heard my music and the crowd cheering my confidence grew and I danced my heart out.” Chucking wet sponges in Mr Taylor’s face was Lewie from Year 2’s personal favourite, explaining that “I liked it when Mr Taylor was soaking wet!”

It was a memorable day enjoyed by all and ended the academic year perfectly! A huge thank you to our fantastic PTA for making this possible and to those people and staff who helped run the event. We cannot wait to do it all again next year!

Eco-warriors to the rescue

Sedgefield Primary School Eco-Warriors have been busy over the last few months. They have planted wildflowers in the school grounds, had meetings with Sedgefield in Bloom and visited areas in Sedgefield that are contributing to protecting our environment.

This group were keen to visit the Sedgefield Community bench and learn about the trees planted to remember local people who had suffered from Covid.

The Eco-Warriors have delivered a whole school assembly about how the school can save energy and protect the environment. This assembly was insightful as to how we can all save energy.

To learn about the impact of the environment Eco-Warriors have met with the environmental company OASES. Brodie aged 9 from Class 4 was keen to give Sedgefield in Bloom members a tour of the school.
He commented "It is great trying to support the environment for the next generation". Alice, also aged 9, and another Class 4 Eco-Warrior Ambassador commented, " It is so important we learn about the environment and how it is connected to Sedgefield."
Sustainability at Sainsburys Class 5 pupils at Sedgefield Primary School strengthened community links with Sainsburys recently through a whole class visit where they were given an informative tour of the store.

Pupils were impressed by the sustainability focus of Sainsburys and its commitment to supporting the environment through various ways. Theo aged 10, commented, "The local store really cared for the environment by their use of recycled rain water to support their plumbing and their use of bio-fuel for energy." Monty aged 10 was impressed that nothing went to waste and landfill was avoided wherever possible.

The manager stated that none of their food goes to landfill. The local community was supported through the purchasing of products from local farms, through recycling and food given to local food banks. Fresh meat is UK sourced.

Pupils who visited were gifted a food package to make soup with ingredients and a recipe card. In a further act of generosity from the store, pupils were given a tub with seeds to plant at home.

This visit was a huge success and pupils at Sedgefield Primary are very grateful to local Sainsburys for their kindness and support.

Sedgefield Show launch for popular church calendar

Six local photographers are to have their work featured in the 2023 calendar which is produced by the Friends of St Edmund’s Church in Sedgefield – but their identities will not be revealed until the official launch in August.

“We had multiple entries from a number of people this year and some of them were just too good to ignore”, said a member of the judging panel this week.

The judges admit that some contributors will be disappointed that their work was not selected but say that a number featured children and it was not known if parental consent had been obtained.

The calendar will go on sale at Sedgefield Show where the Friends of St Edmund’s will have a stall. Despite increased materials and production costs, the price of the calendar will remain the same as in previous years at £8 plus 50p for anyone wanting a substantial protective envelope for safe posting. Calendars can be pre-ordered from any member of the Friends’ committee or from Friends’ membership secretary Brian Mutch. Telephone, 01740 622302, email b.mutch@btconnect.com or at 6 Hasledon Grove, Sedgefield.

For local people unable to purchase copies from traditional sources, when the Calendars become available, Brian and his wife, Christine will deliver to their homes by arrangement and take payment via the group’s hand-held card machine.

Female Hormone Deficiency

The Female Hormone Deficiency Support group is growing and blossoming. Our new venue is Sedgefield Social Club; we have been warmly welcomed by the club, staff and members.

We kindly received a donation from the Sedgefield Town Council Community Chest, which has helped us buy some equipment to facilitate the presentations from our guest speakers and also enabled us to upload the presentations to our new YouTube Channel; this ensures everyone has access to the information.

At our meeting on 30 June, we had a visit from the MP for Sedgefield, Paul Howell. The group wanted to raise the concerns over HRT prescription costs and the postcode availability of Testosterone. Paul, admitted this area was not his strong point, but listened to the many views and took away a book to read (On the train to Westminster!) to improve his understanding. He kindly committed to return to learn more and continue the conversation.

By the time this goes to print, the group will have had several presentations from a Professor of Urology, Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and a Nurse Practitioner, who specialises in HRT. We have many more exciting speakers and plans for the group. This is a very, very friendly group that welcomes anyone to come along. Please check out the Social Media Channels and/or send Kathrine Winter an email and arrange a chat.

Meetings: Sedgefield Social Club - Thursdays 7pm (Check Social Media for confirmation)
Facebook: Female Hormone Deficiency support group
YouTube: Female Hormone Deficiency Support Group
Instagram: peri.menopausejourney
email: femalehdsg@gmail.com

Sedgefield Charities: Education grants for students

The Sedgefield Charities' Trustees make awards each year to help students from lower income families who are taking up full time education beyond A level or its equivalent. Students of any age may apply.

Applicants must live in Bishop Middleham, Bradbury, Cornforth, Fishburn, Mordon, Sedgefield or Trimdon.
For further information and an application form please contact the Clerk, Anne Gladwin
Post: 46 Whitehouse Drive, Sedgefield, TS21 3BU.
Telephone: 01740 620811
e-mail: sedgefieldcharities@gmail.com
The closing date for applications is the 30th September, 2022.

Cause for celebration

On 26 June, Sedgefield Twinning Association held its first social ‘Strawberries and Fizz’ afternoon in three years. It was very well attended by the Mayor of Sedgefield and his wife, twinners, non-twinners, and a resident from the new Hamminkeln Place development.

Everybody seemed happy to be back and celebrated with prosecco (or nosecco for those who preferred a non-alcoholic option), fresh local strawberries and cream and a quizwith- a-twist which brought out some friendly competitiveness!

It was great to see everybody again so keep your eye out for the next twinning event which is planned for 24 September! It should be another good one!
Alda Houghton, STA Chair

Sedgefield In Bloom

By the time you are reading this, Northumberland in Bloom summer judging will have taken place for Sedgefield on 27 July. Fingers crossed for a brilliant result. The Sedgefield in Bloom group works hard (with your valued support) to raise funds to buy the plants which help make our town beautiful.

Sadly we have to advise you that recently some have gone missing from Ceddesfeld Gardens and Church wall areas, along with plants being deliberately pulled out and left to die.

These beds are planted for the enjoyment of all and we would request that they be left alone for everyone to appreciate.
Marie Etherington, Sedgefield in Bloom