About The Energy Switch Scheme

December Update

Last chance to register for the January auction.

If you would like to be a part of the energy switching scheme and have not received either a letter or email regarding the upcoming Switching Auction you will need to register for the scheme before 8 January.

If you have not received either form of communication but still wish to take part, please call the Ichoosr helpline on 0800 048 8285 who will help you complete a registration. When you call it would be helpful if you have your latest bill at hand as all the information they require will be on your bill.

Alternatively, if you have any concerns or require further explanation then please contact our helpline on 07572 502904. We are always available to help.

October Auction Outcome (1st November 2023)

In the recent October auction, suppliers did not bid with tariffs below the new lower price cap which took effect from 1 October. This is the same scenario as in February, so the advice from Ichoosr remains the same - “we find ourselves once again, in a situation where our best advice for residents is to not switch so we have made the decision to not send out offers to residents for this auction”.

The ongoing volatility within the energy market has continued to make it hard for suppliers to offer compelling fixed tariffs below the price cap.

They understand this is disappointing, and are very aware of how much residents rely on this service, however, they are confident that this is the right decision. Residents are advised to ‘rollover’ their registration details into the next scheme which has an auction in early 2024, at which point we will be able to inform you further about the available options.

For online registrants
During w/c 9 October you should have received an email explaining the current situation and reasoning behind the outcome of the auction. A second email should have been received by registrants, during w/c 16 October, who have not taken action to ‘roll forward’ and a link to the Information Page.

For offline registrants
From 24 October, a letter should have been received explaining the current situation and reasoning behind the outcome of the auction. Residents will be automatically ‘rolled forward’ to the next scheme. They can call Ichoosr on 0800 048 8285 to opt out of this if they do not wish for their details to be included. The back of the letter will have some FAQs relating to the current market situation.

At this point in time Ichoosr intend to hold another auction on 9 January 2024.

Registration will open on 13 November and close on 8 January. Offers will be issued from the 22 January with closure on the 8 March. If you have any concerns or require further explanation please contact our helpline on 07572 502904. We are always available to help.

Energy Switch News (1st September 2023)

Although the energy market is still unpredictable the energy price cap is due to be reviewed again at the beginning of October. The indications are that the price cap will reduce further and as a result Ichoosr are proposing to hold another auction in October.

Although the last auction was disappointing as savings were only small in comparison with standard variable tariffs and the auction did not secure a tariff for people who require paper bills it is thought that it is still worthwhile holding another auction at this stage.

Energy Switch is back (1st June 2023)

It is almost two years since the last auction was held when Sedgefield residents will have had an opportunity to secure market leading energy tariffs. Whilst the energy market is still relatively uncertain we have been informed that a number of energy suppliers have sufficient confidence to be offering fixed price tariffs again.

Residents who have been a part of the scheme previously will receive communication from Sedgefield Energy Switch before 5th June with information of what you will need to do to be included in the upcoming auction.

Residents who have not participated in the scheme previously but would like to take part should follow the registration instructions below. If you need help or haven’t access to online facilities you can call the helpline 07843 229357.

The important dates for this auction period are:

  • 4th Sep: Registration Opens
  • 3rd Oct: Auction
  • from 16th Oct: Offers letters issued
  • 27th Nov: Acceptance closes

Why Sign Up?

Taking part is free
It is simple and quick to do
There is no obligation to switch

Did you know?

The statistics for the latest auction period are now in and we have another fantastic conversion rate with 99 local residents being registered. We have again maintained a high switching rate in Sedgefield.
That's another set of wise residents saving money on their energy bills.

How to register

Registration is very simple and can be done in one of two ways.

Self Registration

If you are happy to register on line yourself simply click on the ‘REGISTER NOW’ button and then follow the link.

Register NOW
With Assistance

If you prefer to register and receive information through the post, or need any assistance, please call the Sedgefield Development Trust Helpline on 07572 502904 or email admin@sedgefielddevelopmenttrust.co.uk

Registering for the energy switch commits you to absolutely nothing. Once registration closes, there is a tendering process after which you will receive a personal offer. You then simply choose to accept or not, if you think it is worth it.

Community Assistance

The Development Trust feels that we could achieve even greater levels savings in the village if we could make contact with more residents.

There are many active groups in the village and if you would like us to come along to a part of one of your meetings, we could provide more information than we can do via the Sedgefield Website or in the News.

If your group would be interested, or if anybody has ideas of how we might communicate the information more effectively, please contact the Helpline.

Find us at the Sedgefield Farmers Market, on the first Sunday in the month, where the Development Trust have a stall and will help with your queries.
Already Joined The Scheme?

If you have joined the switching scheme already, your contract with your new energy provider is only for a period of 12 months from the date you switched.

If you wish to continue to be a part of the scheme and hopefully continue to save on your energy bills you will need to register again before your contract comes to an end. That end date will be shown on any of your statements you have received from your energy provider.


The tariff which you have enjoyed, that reduced your energy costs, was a result of the auction when you originally registered.

That tariff only lasts for 12 months, after that period your energy company would offer you one of their alternative tariffs, which may not be as good as the tariff you have had through the Sedgefield Switching Scheme.

You will also receive a letter from your energy provider about 7 weeks before your contract end date, which will give you options of their alternative tariffs and what your estimated yearly costs would be.

A comparison much the same as the personal offer you received when you joined the switching scheme. In our experience it is very likely that the alternative will be more expensive that your present tariff.

Register again with the scheme, just as you did when you joined the scheme originally. It will give you another option which we would hope would be better than the alternatives you have been offered.

The Auctions are normally held three times a year with the start of registration normally about 8 weeks beforehand.

So, as an example, if you joined our scheme in May last year you should register again for the May auction this year, the registration period being open from 31st March. Similarly if you joined in October last year you should look to register again from August this year or if you joined in February this year it would be December.

Details of the registration periods and auction dates will be provided on this website and in the Sedgefield News. If you have missed your registration already, register again as soon as you can.

Still register because you will receive it before you have to make the decision of what you are going to do when your existing contract comes to an end.

Exit fees can only be applied if you have more than 7 weeks left on your contract. They also don’t apply, at any time, if you are only switching tariff with the same supplier. So if the winner of the auction happened to be your current supplier you can switch at any time and you would not pay any exit fees.