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Survival of Neighbourhood Watch?

Summary of notes from October meetings.
Full Minutes are posted in Notice Boards (Police Station & adjacent Library) A new body of officers could not be formed at the conclusion of the AGM in October. However, many people present were concerned enough to want to keep NHW going. After requests for some time to decide if commitments could be made the deadline was extended to 4th December. A meeting of interested persons is planned in October to facilitate this.

It was extremely heart-warming to see so many new faces who really value NHW. Sadly, ill health prevented outgoing chair, Ken Saiger, from attending to see this. Hopefully some new “brooms” will take up the challenge to keep NHW going for the benefit of residents in an ever-expanding Sedgefield.

Local Police Officer, John Lamb explained the importance of NHW activity in the successful reduction of local crime. Fundamentally, the reach of Sedgefield police can be extended immeasurably with extra pairs of eyes. Police need identifiable contacts, willing to observe and report on any concerns about unusual activity or behaviour in their area. You can phone 101 or 999 or e-mail him direct (be aware that PC Lamb is not on duty all day, every day!)

PC Lamb updated us on the youth Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) issues which have resurfaced since the start of September, resulting vehicle damage and theft, with particular reference to the impact on the elderly. PC Lamb seeks to remind residents of the importance of reporting all instances of ASB. Reports accumulate to provide an evidential record of the potential scale of this problem and can be (and, indeed, has been) used to secure resources to tackle the perpetrators. After PC Lamb had given details of how the recent operation had worked, residents and members were unanimous in expressing continued support for all aspects of Police action and their hopes that they will continue.

PC Lamb reminded us to keep doors and windows locked and to use light timers now that the dark nights are here, and he reminded us of basic aspects of vehicle security such as not leaving items of value on display or in unattended cars.

Crime Prevention Officer:

Police Community Cohesion Officer: Faye Callan; Telephone 101 Extension 742317.

Sedgefield Village Action Group

No report this month.

SDT Projects

Sedgefield Farmers’ Market: 7th October

Last month’s market was a record breaker, with 21 gazebos around the green! Many thanks to the Handbell Ringers for entertaining us in the cold! This month, Dryden Farms join our fabulous line up of local producers, to take orders for their superb Christmas turkeys and geese. Sample and see!
We’re going to miss our much loved Spicy Monkey, Ian, who is taking off on a big adventure. Maybe he’ll be back - you never know.
This month’s Community Stall is St. John Ambulance. There’s no music this time, but we look forward to lots of Festive singing during our Christmas Market on 2nd December.

Energy Switch

DID YOU MISS REGISTERING FOR THE OCTOBER AUCTION? If your current contract comes to an end before the next auction on February 12th next year and you did not register for the October auction, then you would normally be too late to take advantage of the winning tariff. We believe that many of you missed the auction date so we have been able to negotiate an extension so our residents can take advantage of the winning tariff.

The best bid at the auction was provided by E-on, who won all categories, and at the time of the auction this tariff was the best in the market place, costs based on Ofgem’s guidelines of a medium user.

You can register online until 20th November online & on paper until 15th November. ONLINE go to, open ENERGY SWITCH, click on the GREEN ‘REGISTER NOW’ button, click ‘SIGN UP TODAY’. Then simply fill out your details.

BY POST or if you need help, please call the Sedgefield Development Trust Helpline on 07980 134 594. We are happy to help or complete registration for you. Registering commits you to nothing and you will not receive any pestering phone calls.


There's not much point in producing this paper if it can't be seen by all our residents and businesses, so we often have to appeal for new volunteers to deliver it. We will soon need people for the new estates too, but for now we definitely need people to cover the following rounds... please help if you can.

1. Beaumont Court. Unless you know the Beacon Lane/Orchard area, this round can be a bit of a puzzle, so the current deliverers have kindly offered to walk the route and help to ease in the new volunteer.
2. Salters Lane Industrial Estate. We will provide detailed instructions as to where the papers should go. Please contact Judith Edgoose if you can help with either route. Email: or text: 07899 984464

Sew Easy

Woodland Wildlife

Please help us to secure funding in the ‘It's Up To You’ Public vote. Why? We are bidding for an on-site 10 foot container to store tools and some money towards the purchase of tools. Being able to store tools and resources in the container will mean volunteers can arrive at site on foot or bike, as cars will not be needed to carry equipment. Where? Active Life Centre, Coxhoe. When? Sat 3rd November, 10am - 2pm.

Ceddesfeld Hall-Home of Sedgefield Community Association

Future events at Ceddesfeld Hall. Tickets for STC Firework display on Friday 2nd November) can be purchased from behind the bar or at STC offices. There will be a Christmas craft fayre in support of Sedgefield Town Council’s Snow Party in the main hall on Saturday 1st December from 1pm to 4 pm. On Friday 21st December, following STC ‘Carols on the Green’, mulled wine will be served at Ceddesfeld, followed by a night of ukulele music with Ceddesfeld’s own ukulele group and there will be a quiz night on Christmas Eve. More on all Christmas events next month.

For more information, contact Wendy, 620206: Pat, 620607: Sarah, 622185 or visit

Cybercrime Initiative

On Thursday, October 4th, the three regional Police and Crime Commissioners and representatives of The Institute of Directors (IoD) and the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) met at Cleveland Constabulary’s Community Safety Hub in Hemlington to launch two booklets aimed at helping prevent individuals and small businesses from becoming victims of cybercrime. The booklets were developed in collaboration with the IoD and the FSB, and funding provided by the North East’s three Police and Crime Commissioners, Vera Baird, Barry Coppinger and Ron Hogg. It is hoped that the easy-to-follow, sensible advice in the booklets will become a valuable aid in helping individuals and businesses deal with fraudulent activity as cyber-fraud increases and new scams continually appear.

All present emphasized the proliferation of cybercrime and the devastating effect it can have on victims. Cleveland PCC, Barry Coppinger observed, “Cybercrime is a growing area of activity. We estimate that over 50% of crimes are committed online.” Ron Hogg, Durham PCC elaborated, “In days gone by criminals turned to armed robbery to make big money quickly, these days it’s cybercrime. It’s low risk and high pay off so it’s very lucrative for them.” Not only can individuals lose substantial, indeed potentially life changing amounts of money but as Vera Baird PCC for Northumbria pointed out “People who get led along by these sort of scams not only lose financially but they can also lose a degree of self-respect because they feel that they’ve allowed it to happen; that they’re guilty of stupidity.”

The booklets also offer advice to small businesses on how to comply with the new data protection requirements that have recently been placed on them. These new expectations are clearly challenging to a small business with limited resources or skill to combat such attacks. The simple measures outlined in these booklets together with a company’s dynamic approach to reviewing policies on updating and developing online strategies, will help to protect sensitive data and ensure the firm’s commercial integrity.

The Little Book of Cyber Scams is aimed at businesses and The Little Book of Big Scams at both families and business. Both are free of charge from the office and website of your Police and Crime Commissioner. Together, they deal with information about a range of cyber scams and give advice on how to deal with them. They explain the potential dangers of Wi-Fi Hotspots, emails and online shopping as well as giving information on a variety of frauds connected to online banking, recruitment dating, investment and ticketing sites.

This Pig will Fly!

Tony Magee continues his tour of the changing social scene in Sedgefield. The day before the official opening of The Impeccable Pig, l find myself in the sumptuous interior of Sedgefield’s latest bar and eatery, speaking with the man in charge, Pierre Bertolotti.

Pierre is the first manager for Ramside Estates’ new venture in Sedgefield, and he was quietly confident that all was ready for The Impeccable Pig’s official opening the following evening.

The restaurant aims to offer a versatile range of bistro style food perfect for a dinner, a celebration or a special occasion, but also suitable for a casual lunch – all overseen by chef Chris Finnegan, who did his apprenticeship under the world famous chef, Raymond Blanc.

There is an extensive wine list of at least 170 different wines; some from well-known grapes and producers, together with wines from less well-known grape varieties. The bar offers a range of French beers and ciders together with a selection of local real ales and a large choice of whiskies and gins. Pierre commented that he could not wait for their opening night “to show the first stage of this amazing transformation”. Sitting there, I could not disagree with a single word. If someone had led me there blindfolded, I would not have been able to guess that I was sitting in what had once been The Hope Inn. After that, there was nothing else to do but to book a table for the Saturday evening. In hindsight that was a smart move. Three weeks later we tried to make another Saturday booking but were told (politely) that they were fully booked up for the next few weeks. So it was that my family and I found ourselves dining out in The Impeccable Pig the day after the official opening. Everything about the new décor and furnishings, complemented now by layered, soft lighting and the lively hum of an impressive crowd, expressed that “amazing transformation” that Pierre had suggested. We felt at ease. The menu was varied as promised and the service was attentive and warm, a very attractive quality on a very busy evening and… the food was truly excellent!

Contributing to Community Life for over a century:

Sedgefield Women’s Institute celebrates Sedgefield WI, which turned 100 this year, hosted a special service of thanks at St Edmund’s Church in October.
WI joint president, Audrey Flanagan said: “Our aim is not only to recall the work members have done in our community during that period but also to give thanks for the work carried out by women in their communities across the world.”
To mark the centenary, a team of WI members headed by Kathleen Heasman, have produced a banner with a list of activities on one side and the names of 2018 members on the reverse.

Eat Well, Feel Great

If you want to stay at home and enjoy good food, a recipe book has been launched by Age UK County Durham with menus specifically designed for older people. Called ‘Eat Well, Feel Great’, the book has been published in response to calls from older people to inspire and motivate them to try new dishes and make meals more interesting and varied. Ideas for the recipes came from members of the charity’s Big Lottery-funded project ‘Come Eat Together’ and Bishop Auckland College catering lecturer Graham Kennedy, working with Newcastle University’s LiveWell research programme.

‘Come Eat Together’ offers help with shopping and runs a monthly event at the college where a two-course meal is prepared and served by students, followed by choice of activities.

The recipe book features traditional dishes which have been given a healthy twist and new recipes which introduce people to delicious meal ideas that are quick and easy to make. All are suitable for one or two people.

The book is spiral bound so it can be laid flat and has large colour photos of each recipe and easy to read text. The project has been praised by North East celebrity chef and ‘Hairy Biker’ Si King (right), who said:
“Come Eat Together is an absolutely brilliant project bringing older people together to enjoy good food and good craic. Sometimes it’s hard to get motivated to cook different tasty meals when you live on your own, this recipe book has loads of tasty creative healthy food to get your taste buds going!! I really hope you all enjoy making the dishes in the book, go on why don’t you give them a go! Keep up the fantastic work Age UK County Durham.”
Copies can be purchased from Age UK’s Information, Advice and Trading Office at 68 North Road, Durham City, DH1 4SQ, or online on Amazon. All proceeds go straight back to Age UK County Durham to support its work with older people across the county.

Thank you letter

A big thank you to all who came to support the Macmillan coffee morning held at my home the end of September. To all my friends who baked and helped on the morning and to all the local businesses who donated raffle prizes. Together we raised £610. Margaret Dickerson

Flu campaign success

Skerne Medical Group would like to thank everyone who attended our walk-in flu clinics this year. We were thrilled by the response.
On Saturday 13th October an amazing 821 patients attended for their flu vaccination, adding to the 859 who attended on 15th September. This saves countless week day appointments meaning these appointments are available to patients who need to access our services for their health issues.
If you have missed the walk-in clinic and are eligible for the flu vaccine (adults and children) please contact our Receptionists. Patients not eligible for the free NHS vaccine can contact other local providers for the vaccination.

Wow What A Show!

We take the effigy of Mr Guy Fawkes,
A man educated and born in West Yorks.
For his gunpowder plot -
remember, remember,
He was captured on the fifth of November.
As the sun slowly sets, the fires are lit,
Lighting the sky with our favourite culprit.
With explosion & flame, wow what a show,
A tradition from hundreds of years ago.
The Westminster Gallows did await,
The Hangman’s noose sealed Guy's fate!
The Unknown Poet 2018.