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Sedgefield Neighbourhood Watch (NHW)
Sedgefield News Article Personal Attack Alarms
Evidence has shown that attackers panic on hearing a Personal Attack Alarm and their instinct is to flee the scene. It works so well that Police are recommending it strongly as a deterrent.

Last month we advised you to buy one but since then have acquired around 20 alarms from Durham Constabulary to give away free to Sedgefield residents. These are being snapped up, however we are expecting to receive a further supply from the Police and these will be made available free of charge at our next NHW Meeting on 11th December 2019. We are also working with Durham Constabulary to acquire other crime prevention equipment items which will also be made available free of charge and include Shed Alarms, UV Pens, Plug in Timers, Window shock alarms, Purse Bells and Faraday Cages (for car keys).

In due course we will be compiling packs that can be loaned to residents who are going on holiday or leaving their premises unoccupied, which will include TV simulators and ‘Patlock’ heavy duty patio locks.
A Dash Cam for your house
Part of our loan pack mentioned above could be a ‘dash cam’ for your house! The ‘YI’ is a range of CCTV cameras that is nothing to do with Geordies but provides a sharp HD digital picture which is ideal for face recognition. They are totally independent, wireless, night vision cameras that are controlled remotely from your phone. This makes their position flexible with an easy plug and play operation. It can be placed on your window sill to be operated like a dash cam.

These cameras are very competitively price and show that protecting your property can be cost effective, in fact they are so inexpensive most buyers acquire two or three. Look up the YI on the web and let us know what you think via Facebook. PC Lamb at Sedgefield Police has confirmed that they will give full support to any CCTV evidence you provide.
Street signs
Hopefully you have noticed our new yellow ‘Beware’ Neighbourhood Watch signs around our village. Volunteers have erected 22 signs to date and we would like to know if you think we need more and if so where they should be installed. The aim is to warn criminals that residents in the area are vigilant and will report suspicious activity. (The rest is up to you!)
Join our Facebook page
A new ‘Sedgefield Neighbourhood Watch’ Facebook page has been launched as a way of exchanging information with Sedgefield residents. We are currently adding information so that you can keep up to speed on what we are doing but its also a vehicle for you all to contact us, raise concerns, get feedback and flag up suspicious activity.
Police Report Our Police Beat Team have reported that thankfully, the occurrence of crime in Sedgefield has recently reduced overall. However, it has not completely disappeared and shoplifting continues to be a problem at Sainsburys and the Co-op. This may be the calm before the storm as dark nights and Christmas are a favourite time for crime so please stay vigilant.

Illegal parking and speeding remain a concern and the Speed Watch initiative will continue where NHW and the Beat Team log speeding offences and the Police issue warnings.
Next NHW Meeting 11th December at 7pm in the Social Club (upstairs). Please enjoy the festive season and remember to keep your doors locked , set your light timers, check on neighbours living alone, and don’t advertise the great gifts in your house by leaving the empty boxes on display outside!

Call 0800 555 111 or visit Crimestoppers-uk.org. Crimestoppers Trust is a registered charity
Remember, crime isn’t as common as you think… but don’t be a victim.
Please lock up, stay safe and sleep well.

Local Police: Call 101 to report concerns, seek advice or pass on information. Always keep notes and ask for an incident number.
Crime Prevention Officer: Rona Stocks. rona.stocks@durham.pnn.police.uk
Police Community Cohesion Officer: Faye Callan. 101 Extension 742317. Faye.callan@durham.pnn.police.uk
Confidential email address: John.lamb@durham.pnn.police.uk.
Any information we receive will be developed and acted upon.
Mini Wetlands
A new venture from the Woodland & Wildlife group:
they have been developing scrapes for the benefit of frogs, toads, newts or any other wildlife which needs a watery breeding spot or a refuge or simply a drink. Great work!
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Community Life

Christmas Card Delivery
Steve’s Nature Diary
One of the highlights of recent walks has been the abundance and variety of fungi that has been reported. There have been several Fungi Foray’s organised by various organisations including “The Wildlife Trusts”. These are walks led by experts looking specifically at mushrooms, toadstools and various fungi.

A question I am often asked is what are fungi? They are not plants because they can't make their own food using sunlight. They are not animals either because they don’t have mouths or stomachs - so they can't eat like humans do. They have to break down their food first and then absorb what they need for growth and development. They have their very own group called the Fungal Kingdom. The Fungal Kingdom is one of the largest kingdoms of living organisms with at least 1.5 million species. The other question people also ask is what is the difference between mushrooms and toadstools? Technically, there is no scientific difference between a mushroom and a toadstool. Although some people say that mushrooms are edible and toadstools are not, this is incorrect and misleading. All can be broadly described as the fruiting body of a fungus. The main part of the fungus are tiny white threads spreading through the earth or rotting material. When conditions are right they produce the fruiting bodies which when ripe produce millions spores that are of the next generation.

With more than 15,000 species in the UK, many do not have English names and are known only by their scientific name which can be a bit daunting for the beginner. But those that have English names can have very descriptive and imaginative names. Chicken of the woods and King Alfred’s cakes, pink ballerinas and scarlet elf cups, blewits and boletes; some are delightfully named, some delicious, and others poisonous. Every habitat is home to a great variety of fungi and although November can be the peak season for going on a fungus foray but you can still find them during December especially if we haven’t had too many frosts. Tees Valley Wildlife Trust’ Saltburn Gill is an excellent site to visit at this time of the year for a variety of fungi as is Durham Wildlife Trusts nature reserve Black Plantation near Satley. Another place worth a visit is the Valley bottom at Durham Botanic Gardens. a perfect location for a fungal foray: deciduous beech and oak woodland on one side of a small stream, a conifer plantation on the other, with plentiful fallen timber.

It also has a newly installed entrance archway formed from 10-foot-tall toadstool sculptures, made by local artist-blacksmith Graeme Hopper and financed by the Friends of the Garden. As well as many delicious wild mushrooms, fungi also include some of our most poisonous species, aptly named species such as the sickener, poison pie, death cap and the destroying angel. NEVER eat any fungi you find unless you are 100% certain about their identity. Unless you are with an expert, it is best to leave mushrooms where you find them - that way, others can enjoy their beauty - and go home with a photo instead.
Farmers Market News
Sedgefield Farmers Market News
Sedgefield Farmers Market News Anyone who came to last month’s market - or even who just saw our Facebook page - will know that it was a stunning success. We know how winter can affect an outdoor market, but there are reasons to be cheerful!

There is a growing interest in good local produce, low food miles and the sheer quality that our producers achieve. We hope customers who have tried once or twice will return regularly, and spread the word. Two examples of the great value to be found - cheaper cuts of meat, as at the traditional butcher’s shop and prized by keen cooks, are plentiful; and as for winter vegetables, well, the queue is the only witness you need! As well as the regulars, we look forward to welcoming our newest stalls back for their second month - that’s Kettle & Keg's coffee and hot beverages and the Wearside Bakehouse for fresh artisan bread. Readmans return with Christmas wreaths, plants and other decorations.

To get you into the early Christmas spirit, SDT will have free mince pies and hot ginger wine to hand out while stocks last. With seasonal songs from Sedgefield Hardwick school choir and Sedgefield Lyrics Youth Choir, getting in the mood should be easy! The Woodland Trust return to the Community stall, and lastly, Sedgefield Farmers Market sturdy reusable shopping bags are always available; could make a super-useful Christmas present wrapper!

To contact the Market, use farmers@sedgefielddevelopmenttrust.co.uk and for Charity stall & Music use charitystall@sedgefielddevelopmenttrust.co.uk DON’T FORGET TO GO GREEN WITH ONE OF OUR FAB NEW JUTE BAGS!
Homework Help
Sedgefield Homework Help
Homework Help has been very active this term - well done and a big thank you to all the students and volunteer helpers (plug: more helpers are always welcome, so that we can help more students!) Many thanks also to Katie and Gary and the team at the library - your good-natured help and support in hosting us are much appreciated.
Email homework@sedgefielddevelopmenttrust.co.uk or go to our Facebook page. Also contact us if you'd like help with your homework. We'll do our best to match you with a suitable helper. For more information, see our Facebook page or go to www.sedgefieldweb.co.uk/homework-help.html.
Woodland & Wildlife
Sedgefield Woodland & Wildlife
See Above.
Sedgefield Energy Switch
Sedgefield Energy Switch
Sedgefield Development Trust are very much aware that many of our residents do not have or do not use computers. In the very competitive world of energy pricing, if you do not access the internet, you are unable to take advantage of the best energy tariffs which, in the main, are only displayed on comparison websites.

The energy switching scheme which SDT promote is available to all, and over the past four years, at the time of the auction, has produced tariffs which have been the best in the energy market. so if you don’t use a computer, why not contact us? We will complete all the registration paperwork for you and see if we can help reduce your energy costs. Contact our helpline on 07980 134 594 or come along and talk to us on the SDT stall at the monthly Farmers Market. Remember you will be only talking to Sedgefield people and you will not be committing yourself to anything by talking to us.

The next auction will be held in February 2020 with the following key dates applying:
Registration from 3rd December 2019 to 10th February 2020
Auction Day 11th February 2020
Personal Offers issued the 25th February
Final Day for Offer Acceptance 24th March.

Don’t forget if you are part of the scheme now and your existing energy contract comes to an end before the end of April 2020, you need to register for this auction. If you are happy to register online, go to this link. If you need any assistance with registration, please call our helpline: 07980 134 594. We are very happy to help.
Ceddesfeld Hall: Home of Sedgefield Community Association
The dark nights are now well and truly here and SCA were very pleased to welcome families and friends to Ceddesfeld Hall for Sedgefield Town Council’s annual firework display and pumpkin competition. The event was very well organised with a fabulous display of fireworks and pumpkins, much enjoyed and appreciated by the many visitors.

As December draws near, groups and sections that use Ceddesfeld are busy planning and preparing for festive events. In support of STC Snow Party a Christmas Craft Fayre will take place in the main hall on Saturday 30th November from 1pm to 3.45 pm. There will be a varied range of stalls, including a tombola; refreshments will be served and the bar will also be open.

Friday 20th December Following STC ‘Carols on the Green’, a glass of warming mulled wine will be served at Ceddesfeld, followed by a night of live music with Ceddesfeld Ukulele Band The programme includes some Christmas songs as well as lots of other popular music, the bar is open and the event is free.

On Christmas Eve there is a table-top quiz night, which begins at 8 pm. There will be prizes for the winning team as well as mince pies and nibbles. This is another free event and everyone is welcome to come along a join in the fun.

Looking ahead to next year, SCA’s traditional Burns Supper is to take place on Saturday 25th January. A drinks reception is followed by a 5 course meal (choice of haggis or roast beef in advance please) to include a cheese board and coffee. In true tradition there will be ‘pipes, toasts, talks and quotes’ too, all for £25. Tickets can be purchases by contacting any of the numbers below. Last but not least… Sedgefield Mediaeval Fayre is on Saturday 16th May 2020. Make a date in your diary!
For more information on Ceddesfeld Hall events, regular activities, room hire and bar opening times, contact Wendy on 01740 620206, Pat on 01740 620607, Sarah on 01740 622185. Visit us on Facebook or see the SCA website, www.sedgefieldsca.org.uk
A big thank you
A big thank you to everyone who knitted/crocheted the poppies to go around our Memorial Garden fence on the Green. The 300+ poppies look absolutely wonderful. Jean Easson, Sedgefield
Special Remembrance
Sedgefield Farmers Market News Willowdene Care Home was delighted to welcome Ron Eyles of St Edmunds Church to the home, to conduct a Remembrance Service for our residents and relatives.

One of our residents, Ivy, was born in 1915 during the First World War and although she has no recollection of the War she has many funny and amusing stories from the Second World War where she was a lady of 24 when the war started. Many of her friends and relatives were lost in this War which made the service more poignant. The service opened with Amazing Grace, one of Ivy’s favourite song’s. The singing could be heard throughout the ground floor and the lounge was full to the rafters with residents and relatives alike.

Everyone had such a lovely morning and after the service they enjoyed a quiz with cakes and refreshments. The Parish of Upper Skerne visits the home monthly and the next visit will be Tuesday 3rd December at 11 am. If anyone would like to come along, enjoy the service and sample the Willowdene hospitality, please get in touch with Angela Penman at Willowdene Care Home on 771310.
Advent & Christmas Christian Celebrations 2019

Everyone is welcome to join in!
6th November, 3rd, 10th and 17th December - “Living in the Light” ecumenical Advent reflections – 7:00pm, Methodist Church New Room
30th November - Snowman Parade – 3:30pm, St. Edmund’s, Sedgefield
5th December - Ecumenical Civic Carol Service – 7:00pm , St. Edmund’s, Sedgefield
8th December - Christingle service – 4:00pm, St. Mary Magdalene’s, Trimdon Village
15th December - “Heaven’s Got Talent”, New Generation Church Christmas Special – 6:30pm, Bethany Centre, Woodham Way, Newton Aycliffe, DL5 4UD
20th December - Carols on the Green with Fishburn Band, followed by mulled wine and mince pies at Ceddesfeld Hall – 6:30pm
Sunday 22nd December: Family Carol service – 10:00am, Methodist Church, Sedgefield
Christingle – 4:00pm, St. Edmund’s, Sedgefield
Carol service – 5 pm, New Generation Church, Bethany Centre, Woodham Way, Newton Aycliffe, DL5 4UD
Carol service – 6:30pm, St. Michael’s Bishop Middleham
Christmas Eve: Christingle – 4:00pm St. Catherine’s, Fishburn
Crib service – 4:00pm, St. Michael’s, Bishop Middleham
Eucharist – 6:00pm, St. Alban’s, Trimdon Grange
Carol Service – 6:00pm, St. Mary Magdalene's, Trimdon Village
Holy Mass – 6:00pm, St. Joseph’s, Coxhoe
Holy Mass – 8.00pm, St William's, Trimdon
Midnight Eucharist – 11:30pm, St. Edmund’s, Sedgefield
Midnight Eucharist – 11:30pm, St. Mary Magdalene's, Trimdon Village
Midnight Eucharist – 11:30pm, St. Michael’s, Bishop Middleham
Christmas Day: Christmas service – 10:00am, Methodist Church, Sedgefield
Christmas Day Eucharist – 10:00am , St. Edmund’s, Sedgefield
Holy Mass – 10.45am, St. John Fisher, Sedgefield

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