The Trust Projects, The SCA, Neighbourhood Crime, The Sedgefield Plan plus more

Letter from PC Lamb

Given my role the first order of business was to ask residents what was important to them. Two issues became immediately apparent, the first being that people are weary of anti-social behaviour of a weekend evening. We began work earlier in the summer to address this and in terms of the issues being experienced by many of you things have improved significantly. I must say that most of our young people are polite and a joy to speak with, it’s just a question of finding out who is not and why. Once we introduced measures to address the issue some argued that police should focus their attention on ‘more important’ matters, although it is probably fair to say that those voicing such concerns might have thought differently if they were affected themselves. For now the anti-social behaviour measures are staying with us and I would urge parents not to allow your underage children out of the house either with alcohol or after they have consumed it. It is often said of late that the problem is with visitors and not those local to Sedgefield, but I’ve been out there every weekend and it’s both.

Simply put, if you’re underage and walking around with alcohol or under the influence don’t expect the police to leave you alone. Parents, please intervene if your children are coming home inebriated or you find that alcohol is missing from the house. We’re not trying to get people into trouble, the measures are to protect everyone (not least the young people themselves).

The second issue people were keen to discuss with me is the distribution of drugs in the village. Work is underway to identify who might be bringing drugs into the towns’ pubs, and where we find it police will seek a prosecution in every case. Those who use it, do be aware we are looking to identify where you deal or buy, where you live, who you associate with and the vehicles you use.

I am keen to establish a larger network of Neighbourhood Watch; such schemes have been proven effective and you can make reports anonymously. It’s just a matter of people working together to keep each other safe, that’s all it’s about. A few seconds attention really does make a difference - anyone interested in being part of the scheme please feel free to contact me. I would urge everyone to pay attention to what’s happening outside, and if you see anything you would like to report please provide as detailed a description as you can of any suspects, in particular clothing and direction of travel. And if you would rather a police car did not attend your house that’s no problem, just let us know. If we all work together we can change more than you think. Enjoy the summer, stay safe everyone. John.

Confidential email; Any information we receive will be developed and acted upon.

Crime Prevention Officer:

Police Community Cohesion Officer: Faye Callan; Telephone 101 Extension 742317.

Sedgefield Village Action Group

A brief update from SVAG on the County Durham Plan consultation. Representatives from SVAG attended two of Durham County Council (DCC) consultation events on the Issues and Options of the proposed County Durham Plan. We had many questions and concerns on the content of the Issues and Options and the resulting effect on our community.

Representatives from SVAG and Sedgefield Town Council met to consider the Issues and Options and it was agreed a joint response would be submitted from the two organisations. It was a very thorough and lengthy response and was submitted to DCC on August 3rd.

DCC will consult communities again (probably next year) on their final preferred options having considered the responses to this consultation; however, we would hope to have some feedback and answers to questions from DCC before then.

There should also be an update on our Sedgefield Neighbourhood Plan from the Town Council in September. Our village is still under threat from further developers despite things ‘going quiet’ for the moment. You can contact SVAG on or 07523457584

SDT Projects

Sedgefield Farmers’ Market Sunday 2nd September

A new role for a foodie? The Farmers' Market seeks a Sedgefield based enthusiast to get to know how we run the market and to deputise for the market manager. The market is run entirely by volunteers, so if no pay is ok with you, we look forward to hearing from you! Call Roger on 07803269956 or email

Winter Veg is back! Faithful customers will be delighted to hear that Mellanby’s are with us again for the season, starting this month. On the community stall we have our own SDT Beekeeping group. They will bring wax candles and local honey to sell. It’s Folk Festival weekend so the live music includes Ceddesfolk and Alter Ego among others. We invite you to our happy, sociable farmers' market to enjoy the best of local produce and of course, the music.

Energy Switch

Don’t Forget! Now is the Time to Register As a reminder to those people who have been a part of our scheme, and SSE has been your energy supplier since towards the end of 2017, your contract will be coming to an end before the end of the year or at the latest January of next year. If you want to continue with the scheme and benefit again from the savings, which hopefully, you have enjoyed this last year, you need to register again as you have done previously. Registration is open now until the 9th October. People wishing to join the scheme for the first time should also register during this period.

Registration can be achieved in one of two ways. If you are happy to register online yourself, go to, open the ENERGY SWITCH section, click on the GREEN ‘REGISTER NOW’ button, click ‘SIGN UP TODAY’. Then simply fill out your details. If you prefer to register and receive information through the post, or need any assistance, please call the Sedgefield Development Trust Helpline on 07980 134 594 and we will be happy to assist you or complete registration for you. Registering for the scheme commits you to nothing and you will not receive any of those pestering phone calls (guaranteed). The SDT has a stall at each of the monthly Farmers Markets so if you have any questions or need further information about the scheme, come along for a chat.

Woodland & Wildlife

Members of the group had a very enjoyable afternoon exploring the patch with the invaluable expertise of the Durham Wildlife Trust’s Botany group. Between them, and with sometimes puzzled help from us, they identified 106 species. We thought that was amazing already, but as they summed up, they left us with lots of advice about improving the range of species, and a little on the side about bird life too. It’s brilliant that they want to return next year to see how we’re doing. We are posting the species list online. Go to www.sedgefieldweb and search for Woodland & Wildlife Botany Survey. If you would like to get involved, visit ‘Woodland & Wildlife – Sedgefield’ on Facebook, or call or text 07803 269956.

Ceddesfeld Hall-Home of Sedgefield Community Association

SCA are very pleased to be hosting various events and workshops as part of Sedgefield Folk Festival from 31st August to 2nd September. Details have previously been listed but last minute information on the events can be found on the SCA website.

Activities and events for Sedgefield’s own literary festival, Sedgefield Book Ends have now been finalised (see the Book Ends insert for a full list of events). This is the second year and the event has grown considerably with much more variety on offer to include writing workshops, (adult and children) author events and talks. The ‘Lines of Life’ theme has opened up a trail to music, art, photography and even famous explorers (Captain Cook) and we’re very pleased to include it all in our festival.

Sedgefield Book Ends closes on Saturday 20th October at Ceddesfeld. On this final day, as well as displays and books on offer from various, well known local authors and illustrators, there is a children’s workshop (Adam Bushnell on Fantastic Folk Tales of County Durham) and for all people with an interest in cycling, Paul Parsons will be giving a talk on his book Fat Bloke on a Bike. Any budding poets can be inspired by Anna Woodford who is providing a poetry workshop in the afternoon. Refreshments will be served and the bar will be open from 11 am. For all information, (as well as the Book Ends insert) there will be displays at Ceddesfeld Hall, Sedgefield library, Book Ends FB page and on the SCA website.

For more information, contact Wendy, 620206: Pat, 620607: Sarah, 622185 or visit

Skerne Medical Group - Flu Campaign 2018

The ever popular flu vaccination “drop in” clinics are returning and we would like to invite and encourage eligible patients to attend. Clinics run on the following mornings between 8:30am and 11:30am. Saturday 15th September at Harbinson House, Sedgefield and Carroll House, Trimdon Colliery and Beveridge House, Fishburn, Saturday 13th October at Harbinson House, Sedgefield.

The free flu vaccination is available to patients who are 65 years and over (including those becoming age 65 years by 31st March 2019), pregnant women and patients aged from 6 months to less than 65 years of age with a serious medical condition such as; chronic (long term) respiratory disease, e.g. severe asthma, COPD or bronchitis; chronic heart disease, chronic liver disease, chronic kidney disease at stage three, four or five, chronic neurological disease such as motor neurone disease or Parkinson’s disease or learning disability; diabetes; splenic dysfunction, those patients with a weakened immune system due to disease or treatment; people living in long stay residential care home and carers.

No appointment is necessary and we aim to make it a quick & efficient experience. We’re proud to say been no long queues at these sessions over the past 3 years. If you haven’t attended the “drop in” before, why not give it a try. We look forward to welcoming you.

We are also able to extend the seasonal influenza programme to all children aged 2 and 3 (but not 4 years or older) on 31 August 2018 (i.e. date of birth on or after 1 Sept 2014 and on or before 31 August 2016). Sessions are planned later in October, once the vaccine is made available – details will be advertised locally, on our web-site and in surgeries. The vaccine available to children, unless contraindicated, is in the form of a nasal spray rather than an injection, which we are sure will please the children!


Thank you for last month’s great article featuring Tom Robson and his recent BAFTA Young Games Designer nomination. Tom is one of the mentors at the Durham CoderDojo and is a great inspiration to the younger coders. If young people are interested in coming to the club we have a new system for registering. Go to, click Attend a Dojo and Find a Dojo, type Durham into the search box and select CoderDojo at Durham Clayport Library. The Dojos are run entirely by volunteers and are always free.

Paul Savage, CoderDojo Durham Champion, Sedgefield.

Family History in Mordon

I would be most grateful if anyone could help with my family history research. I am searching for a photograph of a farmer named William Philip Lawson, who was born in Mordon Village in 1877. He married Lettice Jane Dawson in 1913 and lived at Sprucely Farm, Bishop Middleham in 1911. He died in Sedgefield Hospital in1964 at the age of 87. He also lived in a cottage at Maggies Well, Bishop Middleham and I would love to learn more about who lived in this cottage over the years. Please can anyone help, or offer any advice? Thank you very much. Mrs Vi Saunders, Leeholme, Bishop Auckland. If you have any information please get in touch with the Editor and we will pass it on to Vi.

Memory Café—Strawberry Tea

We would like to thank all those who attended the event, donated raffle prizes, gave their money, baked delicious cakes and scones and volunteered either as ‘front of house’ or behind the scenes. Thank you to Mr George Bolam for his continued support and last but not least thanks to Mrs Sheila McMillan for hosting the event in her garden, without whose generosity the event would not have taken place. Dorothy Anderson, Jill Anderson, Carol Biggs.

Very satisfied customers

Thanks to your classified ads we were able to engage local roofer, Paul Watson Roofing to restore the roof on our home in the Sedgefield Conservation Zone. The team, lead by Paul were professional and the quality of work was superb and we would like to recommend him to other people living in the conservation area. He understands the regulations for compliance with planning, goes the extra mile in planning and keeps you informed at every stage. Many thanks, Mike and Sue Thompson

Sedgefield Community Hospital Café: volunteers needed

The café in Sedgefield community hospital has been in operation before, but these efforts have been short lived. Because of who we are and our commitment to being an “Investing in Volunteers” organisation we have been asked if we would be interested in taking it over. We think we can make it work as a service for the hospital and also raise additional valuable funds. Royal Voluntary Service is one of the largest voluntary organisations and much of our work is supporting older people. We provide practical solutions to the everyday problems of loneliness and isolation.

We envisage the café being open at lunchtime to start with, Monday to Friday. As soon as we gain the commitment of a few volunteers we would like to open as soon as practicably possible. Anyone interested should contact Michael Bartley; Tel 07769 286532, email I will send our application pack and cover letter to complete, and full training will be given to each volunteer by an experienced service manager.