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Job Vacancy

Job Title: Constituency Caseworker
Working For: Paul Howell MP (Sedgefield)
Location: Sedgefield
Salary: In line with IPSA pay scales
Length of Contract: Permanent (6 month probation)
Job Details
Paul Howell MP is seeking a hardworking, focused, and enthusiastic individual to take on a caseworker role in his team. For more information please click here

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We want to hear from you!

No reports this month, but please do join our Facebook page and voice your opinion on what concerns you most and what we should prioritise at Neighbourhood Watch.

Local Police: Call 101 to report concerns, seek advice or pass on information. Always keep notes and ask for an incident number.
Crime Prevention Officer: Rona Stocks.
Police Community Cohesion Officer: Faye Callan. 101 Extension 742317.
Confidential email address:
Any information we receive will be developed and acted upon.
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A round up on the Trust projects

Keep up to date with the latest news about the Development Trust projects.


There is still time to get involved in the proposed short course on sustainability. Contact us via email to Sedgefield News or on the News Facebook page.

Farmers Market 8.30am-12.15

We would like to express our thanks to everyone who has helped to keep our market running through a hard winter and the Covid-19 lockdowns. Thanks also to our faithful customers, who have so willingly adapted to the rules we had to apply in order to keep going.

Somewhat surprisingly in the circumstances, it still feels like a happy market and the first appearance of Hopper House Farm at the market will make sure of that for beer drinkers! They have kindly agreed to stand in for the Roundhill Brewery ,until recovery from last year’s devastating fire allows them to start brewing again.

So, we hope to see you again on the village green, weather permitting, on Sunday 7th March.

Energy Switch

Many thanks to all those who signed up for this auctions switch, you will save money on your energy bills going forward.

Woodland & Wildlife

Our volunteers are still working away, though always at a safe distance, to look after the site and our young trees and to encourage wildlife.

Homework Help

We continue with on-line sessions, so if you would like help or could offer some, contact

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Steve's Nature Diary

As I write this, the recent snow is still on the ground and the thermometer reading last night was minus five, pretty chilly! I am working from home and there is a Cherry Tree just outside my window: on it is a Blackbird and a Song Thrush fighting over the last of the cherries.

The tree looks bare but when I look closely there are still a few cherries left, it shows how important hips, haws, berries, cherries and other fruit are in winter. As I pop downstairs to make a coffee, in the time it takes a kettle to boil, I have seen Robin, Blue Tit, Great Tit, Dunnock, Tree Sparrow, House Sparrow and Chaffinch on the variety of feeders I have in the garden.
If you don't feed the birds in the garden it is well worth thinking about doing it. Not only do the birds benefit, especially in cold weather, but so do you. Seeing birds in the garden can give you an uplift and lighten your day. And you never know what is going to turn up - last week it was a flock of Siskin and the week before a lone Great Spotted Woodpecker.

As spring approaches, it’s time to look forward: the landscape will change and new life will be emerging. On your local walk keep your eyes and ears open. Great Tits will be making their distinctive "teacher teacher" call and Great Spotted Woodpeckers will be drumming. Male Blackbirds and Robins will chase off other males to ensure they look after their female.

Early emerged queen bumblebees, butterflies such as Commas and Peacocks will be looking for nectar. In the woodland and grassland, flowers begin to stir and emerge including Wood Anemone and Primrose, brightening up any spring day. Or as John Clare, the poet put it:

On a Lane in Spring
A Little Lane, the brook runs close beside
And spangles in the sunshine while the fish glide swiftly by
And hedges leafing with the green spring tide
From out their greenery the old birds fly
And chirp and whistle in the morning sun
The pilewort glitters 'neath the pale blue sky
The little robin has its nest begun
And grass green linnets round the bushes fly
How Mild the Spring Comes in; the daisy buds
Lift up their golden blossoms to the sky
How lovely are the pingles and the woods
Here a beetle runs; and there a fly
Rests on the Arum leaf in bottle green
And all the Spring in this Sweet lane is seen.

Regular Feature

Ceddesfeld Hall: Home of Sedgefield Community Association

Nancy Wells This article is dedicated to Nancy Wells, who very sadly passed away on Tuesday 9th February. Nancy had been poorly for some time, but remained at home until recently, caring for her husband, Keith.

Nancy was a remarkable lady, who dedicated her life to the community of Sedgefield. She had many attributes; helpful, hardworking, well organised, reliable, practical, great cook…to name but a few. Most of her work was based at Ceddesfeld Hall, where she was a long serving Trustee and Housekeeper.
v Both Nancy and Keith were founder members of SCA in 1970 and Nancy has been part of and involved with many of the sections for 50 years. She was treasurer of the gardening group and the catering section, as well the Twinning Association. Nancy was an excellent treasurer for the Twinning Association and there were always enough funds to provide for a successful visit when friends from Hamminkeln came to stay. Keith and Nancy often visited Germany and kept in touch with friends there.

Sourcing food, preparing and serving a three-course meal for more than sixty people was all in a day’s work to Nancy - the food was always freshly cooked and served piping hot! In fact, Nancy has catered for royalty and other important people, including for Prime Minister Tony Blair’s son’s christening and for Princess Anne. Nancy was presented to the Princess Royal during her visit for the Sedgefield 700 celebrations. Following this, she and Keith were invited to and attended a garden party at Buckingham Palace. Nancy was also Sedgefield Citizen of the Year (2006) in recognition of her service to the life of the village. “She’s there (at Ceddesfeld Hall), most days of the week, sorting out one problem or another.” “She does a tremendous amount of unseen work”. “If she grumbles from time to time, she is dedicated!” “This ‘behind the scenes’ person must have nearly as many responsibilities as the keys she carries.” These quotes, from her award presentation, give an insight into her work.

For John Nicholls, Chairman of the Gardening Section, Nancy was not only the secretary and treasurer but also their ‘personal caterer’. She made the most delicious sausage rolls and pie and peas. John once asked her why her pastry was so highly regarded, and her answer was that it was “all down to the lard!”
Latterly, well into her 80s, Nancy continued to provide tea and coffee on Thursday mornings, as well as refreshments after the Remembrance Day service at the church. She also catered for the annual SCA Chairman’s Evening and the Christmas meal for the Northumbrian pipers and until recently, she provided hot suppers for the squash club match nights on a very regular basis.

Sedgefield has lost a great and loyal friend. Nancy’s contribution to village life has touched many people and generations of families within the town. There really will never be anyone else like her, and she will be greatly missed. Nancy’s funeral will unfortunately be a quiet affair, due to the current Coronavirus pandemic restrictions. In normal circumstances there would have been a very special celebration of her life and her contribution to SCA at Ceddesfeld Hall.

For more information on Ceddesfeld Hall events, regular activities, room hire and bar opening times, contact Wendy on 01740 620206, Pat on 01740 620607, Sarah on 01740 622185. Visit us on Facebook or see the SCA website,

Sedgefield Outreach

Are you struggling with bills?
Are you worried about heating costs this winter?
Do you need help with benefits?
If you need help, call Barbara on 07736 910350
If your call isn't answered, leave a message with your name, postcode & contact number and Barbara will call you back OR send Barbara an email to
Please leave your name, postcode & contact number and Barbara will contact you.

Sedgefield u3a

Sedgefield u3a made a very positive start to 2021 when, in part due to the success last year of their book of short stories about the history and time of Sedgefield, the Photography and Creative Writing groups were asked to join a DCC Community Arts project based on the design, architecture and history of Hardwick Park. They will be working with Ed Carter, a local musician, and other local community groups a who will be researching the park and developing a range of ideas with the aim of a series of events and exhibitions in 2022.

We were also delighted to be commended by the Regional Chair of the u3a for managing to keep so many of our groups active and maintaining our monthly meetings throughout last year. Very much bucking the trend in the North East, apparently.

We are still very much open to welcoming new members who should be retired or semi-retired and who would like to learn new skills, increase their knowledge, and enjoy making new friends. Perhaps you received a new camera for Christmas and might like some help in fathoming out all those pesky shutter speeds and new features. Join our Photography Group, who would be delighted to help.

Perhaps you’d like to start reading a wider range of books this year; our Book Group would be thrilled to hear from you. You may, of course, like to make a start on writing one of your own. I’m sure the Creative Writing Group could give you some useful pointers.

And the Wine Appreciation Group would love to hear from any one who enjoys trying an ever widening range of wines and learning more about the process of wine culture and manufacture. See our website (Sedgefield and District u3a) for contact details or to send us an email

Currently all our meetings are held via Zoom and we can, of course, help anyone who may need a little guidance to get up to speed with this valuable resource. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we can all meet again in person!

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