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Sedgefield Village Neighbourhood & Crime Watch Panel AGM 2017

This will take place on Tuesday 10th October at 7.00pm in the Fletcher room, Parish Hall at which registered members of the village N/H/Watch will elect their Officers for the year ahead.

We need members to attend and fully participate to maintain an effective N/H/ Watch group for Sedgefield, as we really are a shrinking group. Following the AGM a normal Panel meeting will take place as usual. Nights Drawing In: now is the time to get those light timers out again and set them to keep your property looking occupied even with your curtains drawn – remember preventative measures only take a little thought and are well worthwhile.

Sedgefield Village Action Group

Another success! The planning appeal application for 150 houses between Beacon Lane and Stockton Road has been rejected by the Planning Inspectorate. This is excellent news and proves that, with determination and good research and presentation, it is possible for ordinary people to succeed against big national house builders. Various other local and national groups made written presentations, or only attended and spoke on odd days, but our SVAG was present for the full 5 days, including a lengthy site visit. We were able to speak as equals and question everything that was put to the planning inspector by the appellants and Durham County Council. This was only possible because we had troubled to register under rule 6, giving us equal status with the other main parties, as opposed to just making a one off statement. As was stated in last month’s Sedgefield News, the huge ESRG proposal for 371 houses, 2 care homes & industrial buildings, has been withdrawn. That’s good news, but it’s only a postponement, past experience has taught us that they will be back. SVAG will continue to monitor future planning applications.

PC Todd-Crime Report
PC Todd-Crime Report

No report this month.

Pub Watch

No information this month.

Skerne Medical Group: Flu Campaign

Thank you to all patients who attended our first “drop in” flu vaccination clinic. The second walk in clinic (for those people who may receive their October copy of Sedgefield News early) is on;
Saturday 30th September at Harbinson House, Sedgefield and Carroll House,
Trimdon Colliery – both sessions between 9am and 11:30am
Please do come along.
Children: any child who is in a clinical ‘at risk’ group and requires the flu vaccination, plus all children aged two or three years old on 31st August 2017 (i.e. date of birth on or after 1 September 2013 and on or before 31 August 2015) will be able to access the vaccine. Dedicated sessions will be held during October and details will be advertised locally, on, in our surgeries and by text.

Please can you ensure you advise us of any change to mobile telephone numbers. The vaccine available to children is usually in the form of a nasal spray rather than an injection, which we are sure will please the children!

SDT Projects
Sedgefield Energy Switch

Sedgefield Farmers’ Market - Sunday 1st October

Sew Easy are this months community stall.

Sedgefield Energy Switch

The registration period for the October Auction closes on the 9th October, so, if you want to join the scheme this time your registrations will have to be submitted by then. For those people who joined the scheme at last year’s October Auction, your contract will be coming to an end before the end of the year or early in January, so if you want to continue to take advantage of the savings the scheme might achieve, you need to register again. Your contracts only last for 12 months after which you must re-register. Our advice is always to register again for the auction that occurs just before your contract ends, not after.

The Key Dates for this October Auction are:
- Registration, Open Now Registration Closes 9th October
- Auction 10th October Personal Offers issued from 23rd October
- Acceptance closes 28th November
At the time of writing this article (10th Sept) only 71 people have registered so far. By the end of the registration period for the October Auction last year 226 people had registered so lots of you still have to register. Don’t miss out; register now.

Registration can be achieved in the same two ways as before, by: If you are happy to register on line yourself, go to the ENERGY SWITCH section, simply click on the ‘REGISTER NOW’ button and then follow the links and fill out your details. If you prefer to register and receive information through the post, or need any assistance, please call the Sedgefield Development Trust Helpline on 07980 134 594 and we will be more than happy to assist you or complete your registration for you.

Ceddesfeld Hall-Home of Sedgefield Community Association

SCA is delighted to continue to support Sedgefield Folk Festival. It was full house for the Ukulele Kanikapila; a great night of popular songs and terrific ukulele music. The Open Mic Night featuring The Old Age Travellers enjoyed performances from local musicians as well as folk singers from further afield. Events across the weekend were well attended and it’s always good to welcome new visitors to Sedgefield. Thanks to all volunteers who helped with the organisation.

In support of Durham Book Festival, Sedgefield Book Ends begins on Saturday 30th September (7.30 - 11 pm) with a concert of words and lyrics featuring the works of Bob Dylan and poet Seamus Heaney. On Wednesday 4th October, Peter Barron (former editor of the Northern Echo) will be talking to Y6 pupils from both primary schools about his work as a journalist and writer.

On Thursday 5th October (10am - 12 noon) there is a workshop about writing from life’s experience from Wendy Robertson and from 1 - 3pm, Avril Joy ( People’s Book prize winner) is giving a talk on her work ‘Sometimes a Riversong’. On Friday 6th (7 - 9 pm), Chris Lloyd will give a talk entitled ‘Echo Memories’ on the life and works of Lewis Carroll. Entry to the above events is £3 and tickets can be obtained from behind the bar at Ceddesfeld Hall, from Norma on 620091, Sarah on 622185 or entrance on the door, ticket sales permitting.

Saturday 7th October is National Book Shop Day and there will be book sales and signing event (free entry) featuring local, well known authors in the main hall from 10am - 12 noon. The very popular and talented Lirica have their concert on the evening of Saturday 7th beginning at 7.30 pm in the main hall (tickets £5).

To conclude Book Ends, SCA’s October Dinner is one of ‘Writers, Words and Wit’. Tickets are £18 which includes a 3 course meal and literary entertainment, beginning with a drinks reception at 7 pm. Tickets from Sedgefield Town Council offices.

For more information, contact Wendy, 620206: Pat, 620607: Sarah, 622185 or visit

Interested in homework help?

I moved to the area 2 ½ years ago, to take up a post as a scientist at NETPark, and moved to Sedgefield in September 2016. I'm looking to launch a homework help club, probably in January, for students and pupils aged around 8 to 18, from any school in the local area.

If you would like help with understanding something in your school homework or you would just like a quiet space to do your homework; or if you would like to help - please contact me. This would not be teaching, tuition or child-minding; just volunteers willing to share their knowledge or untangle things that pupils find difficult, and get to the "Ah, so that's it!" moment. So far, the idea has met with positive responses from the few local teachers and parents I've spoken with. To that end, I'm looking to find out who might be interested in coming along, to learn or to help; what day and time of day would work best; what subjects you'd like help with and what year you are in at school; or what subjects you could offer help with and to what level; and suggestions where the group could meet. For more information or to let me know you are interested, please e-mail:

Thanks, Tamzin Lafford.

Gratitude from victim of attack

I would like to thank the couple that stopped to help me on the morning of Sunday 27th August. As I crossed the road in front of Aubergine café, a white van swerved towards me and the passenger threw liquid in my face. I can only assume that they thought this was funny but I was left shocked and very upset. The couple who came to help me were so kind, staying with me until I felt able to drive home. It was only later that I realised that I hadn't thanked them for the concern and support they had shown. I really hope that they read this letter and know that I am very grateful. Name and address supplied


Katie and Ellie Spink would like to thank everyone who came along and enjoyed cake at their coffee morning in The Manor House. The girls appreciate the support shown by so many people.

The event raised £700 which has been donated to Great North Air Ambulance. A charity they are keen to support following their dad's accident as he was airlifted to hospital. Ellie and Katie are also keen to thank those who baked cakes and made the event possible. They wonder if some of the chefs will appear on 'bake off' next year?

A personal thank you

I would like to express a personal thanks to the small Sedgefield Village Action Group (SVAG) team who spent so much time and effort in putting the majority community view to the recent planning and appeal meetings. Being part of that team, I know how much time was spent not only attending the days at the appeals but putting together the evidence and presentation on behalf of our community view – it’s no small task operating in an arena challenging qualified barristers and planners. Despite the recent report in the Northern Echo of CPRE, Sedgefield Civic Trust and Sedgefield Town Council objecting to the recent AVANT application and Appeal it was only SVAG who obtained the legal status to actively take part in the Appeal process and it was only SVAG who attended the full 5 days of the hearing – yet SVAG did not get a mention in the report.

We didn’t manage to stop the Eden Drive development (and what a mess it’s making) but so far no other applications or appeals have been successful. Of course, it’s not all down to SVAG, rest assured the many letters of objection written by residents really make a difference – and it is so important that the community make their views heard at every opportunity. SVAG always try to represent the majority community view, that isn’t everyone’s view but it is the majority view that counts. There will be continued pressure on our community, not only to accommodate more housing but issues about the Community Hospital down grading or possible closure, the overwhelming pressures on our stretched GP practice, parking and traffic problems etc. etc.

So, if we are to continue to work to protect our community we need more people to join SVAG (the group is at risk of closing) – please watch out for information and do your bit. Again, may thanks to all who have worked so hard. Julia Bowles, Hardwick Road