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Sedgefield Village Neighbourhood & Crime Watch Panel

Notes from the December meeting:
A most disappointing end to the year, as the Police did not attend and there was no feedback on the previous weekend car crime spree. However we learned later in the week that PC Todd had been called away at the last minute to assist in the search for a missing young vulnerable person.

The issues raised by residents were those that we have sought to resolve throughout this year. They are -
Lack of effective communications of local matters from our local Police; Weekend (youth) Anti-Social Behaviour; Vehicles: Speeding & Parking problems in Sedgefield. Members decided the No 1 Priority for Police (PACT), even though it does not appear on the Police website, should be Curbing Weekend Youth ASB and their group sizes. Following the meeting the Secretary notified local Police with the request that this should be their PACT Priority for the next 2 months.

N/Hood Watch urges all residents affected by these or any other problems to report them to the Police, using the number 101. For Parking and environment matters use DCC Wardens 03000 26000 . Please ask for an incident number or reference for future follow up. In relation to this, the PCSO, Sedgefield Community College and Town Council are working to support young people in developing better links within the community.

PC Todd-Crime Report
PC Todd-Crime Report

This month I would like to remind residents of the importance of locking car doors. Recently, vehicles were entered and property stolen in Kerr Crescent, Belsay court, Elm Avenue and Boyne Court. In one case a window was forced down allowing access. Please lock your doors and close your windows. Other recent crimes include a garage burglary in White House Drive, where the garage door was forced and property taken, and various shops and stores which have suffered from persons shoplifting.

In one case children in school uniform were responsible. Their identities are known and they have been dealt with. The recent spell of cold weather and snow brought out the worst in the idiot youths who pelted snowballs at moving vehicles. If you know who they were, please forward their names. Lastly, please check out the article on Faraday Bags on the left. Very helpful.

Pub Watch

A meeting was held recently at the Dun Cow. No issues were raised which required further action by members.

Until next time, Keith.

SDT Projects

Sedgefield Farmers’ Market

Stallholders have agreed that we should have a January market this year. It may be a bit smaller at this time of year but you will still be able to buy meat, veg and lots more from some of your favourite traders.

The Woodland Trust will be manning our Farmers’ Market Community Stall this month as well as on 4th February. They will want to promote the Woodland Trust in general, but mainly they will be able to talk to you about the project which will be happening with Sedgefield Development Trust in the Spring (see below.) Sedgefield Development Trust always have a stall at the Farmers’ Market with someone available for information on any of their projects. Just call at the SDT stall for a welcoming chat.

Sedgefield Energy Switch

REGISTRATION PERIOD NOW OPEN FOR THE FEBRUARY AUCTION. The results of the October 2017 auction have been very pleasing particularly as more than 20% of the people who registered joined the scheme for the first time. The SDT would like to think that this may be an indication of the growing confidence that people have regarding the scheme. So if you would like to join the increasing numbers who have benefited from the scheme, now is the time to join. Having opened in December, this registration period will continue until 12th February 2018.

For people who are already a part of the scheme and your existing energy contract comes to an end before the end of April 2018, you need to register for this auction. If you would like any further information or need any assistance, please call the Sedgefield Development Trust Helpline: 07980 134 594. We are always happy to help.

Woodland and Wildlife area

This joint project between Sedgefield Development Trust, The Woodland Trust and Durham County Council involves planting up land at the edge of NETPark to create a woodland and a wild flower meadow, which should encourage more wildlife into the area in years to come, and be a source of pride and enjoyment to the community.

The work will all commence in March next year and volunteers are very welcome. More information will be available in the next issue of Sedgefield News. Meanwhile, do come along and support the Farmers’ Market and find out more about our project and the Woodland Trust themselves.

Homework help initiative

A core team of volunteers has formed (many thanks to them) with particular strengths in maths and sciences up to A-Level and beyond, and able to cover most subjects between us at primary and up to GCSE level. We are in the process of getting DBS checks done, ready to hit the ground running in January. So, if you or someone you know would like any help with homework/schoolwork, as a one-off or on a regular basis, do get in touch via We are also open to additional volunteers willing to share their expertise. Tamzin Lafford

Contact SDT

Via the individual project telephone numbers and email addresses, or simply email

Ceddesfeld Hall-Home of Sedgefield Community Association

The first event in 2018 is the traditional Burn’s Supper with piper, haggis, whisky and traditional poems and toasts on Saturday January 27th at 7pm. Tickets at £24 are available from the numbers below or STC offices.

Looking forward to 2018, SCA are hoping to develop new and recent events such as Sedgefield Community Day (scheduled for June 23rd) and Sedgefield Book Ends, (September/October).

We also want to improve the traditional events such as the Mediaeval Fayre. We’re keen to hear from any stall holders who can offer something a bit different and also any businesses, volunteers or other community groups who can support and assist in the run up, on the day or at any other events. If you would like to become a volunteer in 2018, please get in touch; we’d love to hear from you. Ceddesfeld Hall is run wholly by volunteers who organise and arrange events and activities which hopefully reflect the wishes, interests and pastimes of residents of all ages. Community support is vital in allowing SCA to continue to do this. All money raised through the year, through membership fees and profit from organised events, goes back to maintaining the hall and the organisation of future events.

Sedgefield Co-op is a keen supporter of SCA. Ceddesfeld Hall will benefit from the new round of community funding so please join up to the Co-op scheme by popping into store or going online to register and select SCA as your chosen charity. The scheme runs through to April, and 1% of what you spend on Co-op brand goods, comes to Ceddesfeld. We hope to improve outdoor games and activities for families with younger children with the money raised.

Ceddesfeld bar is open as usual throughout the festive season, Sunday to Friday evening, although we are closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day. The bar and lounge will be open on Christmas Eve, with a trivia quiz (for those who wish to take part), plus nibbles and mince pies. SCA are also pleased to announce that the bar and foyer is scheduled for redecoration early in the New Year.

For more information, contact Wendy, 620206: Pat, 620607: Sarah, 622185 or visit

Christmas Crackdown

Durham Police are keen to reinforce educational messages around driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol and are warning of a clamp down on those who do not heed these messages. Extra patrols and roadside checks will be conducted in the run up to and over Christmas and New Year, in a bid to tackle those who drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Officers will breathalyse drivers and use ‘Drugwipe’ kits to test motorists at the roadside for the presence of cannabis or cocaine in their system.

Between 2012 and 2016 in the North East, a total of 1,650 people were injured in collisions that involved a suspected drink-driver. Thirty eight of those were killed. Chief Inspector Graham Milne of Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit said, ‘It is worrying, that we push this message out every year, and still many reckless drivers ignore the warnings that cause devastating consequences.’ The police stress that if you test positive for the influence of alcohol or drugs whilst driving, then you have committed an offence and face a minimum ban of 12 months, with all the attendant disruption to family life and the ability to work. In addition, offenders can receive an unlimited fine. More serious drink and drugs driving offences can result in a prison sentence; causing death while under the influence of drink or drugs can result in up to 14 years in jail.

The public are encouraged to report any concerns relating to drink or drug driving anonymously, using or 0800 555 111

Faraday Bags

Police are urging owners of keyless entry cars to protect themselves from theft as a growing crime trend emerges. Keyless entry car theft is growing nationally, as criminals exploit technology to steal high value vehicles. They manipulate the vulnerabilities of the keyless system by capturing the signal from the car’s fob and fooling the vehicle into believing the keys are with the vehicle so that it can be opened, started and driven away within minutes. PC Dave Taylor, from Durham Constabulary’s organised crime team, said: “While the risk of having your vehicle stolen in County Durham and Cleveland remains low compared to other areas of the UK, it is without a doubt that there are criminals in our area who have the technology to steal vehicles.”

Now the force is urging people to use a ‘Faraday bag’ to protect themselves from being a victim of this crime. Drivers can store keys in the bag to prevent unwanted communication between the vehicle and its keys.

The bags are made of flexible metallic fabric and are used to block out electromagnetic fields. It is a low cost, effective solution, and with your keys inthe bag, the signal will be blocked and your car will be safe. Faraday bags can now be purchased for just £2.60 from the Durham Agency Against Crime, please contact to order.

Re: Our letter to Sedgefield News on the Station Road Playing Field “Village Green” registration

It is over two years since we made this application (July 2015) so this is to update you on progress. We have recently contacted the Registration Authority and have been informed that the application is with their legal department. This is not a time limited process but it is encouraging that it may be getting some attention. N Holmes and Rachel Myers, 3 Hornby Avenue. 620763

Mayoral thanks

The Mayor and Mayoress of Sedgefield, Councillor David and Mrs Elizabeth Brown, would like to thank everyone who attended, helped, sponsored and provided prizes for their fundraising lunch held on Saturday 4th November in Sedgefield Parish Hall. We raised £2,004 towards the Great North Air Ambulance and the Macular Society, as well as other local good causes. Thank you for your generous support.

Turbulent Times

I am seeking help with a research project called Turbulent Times, which focuses on ‘Shell Shock’ and the WW1 returnees. I understand that a number of WW1 soldiers were admitted to Winterton Hospital in Sedgefield, having returned from WW1 with various mental health problems. I am seeking
1. Any information on how these soldiers travelled to Winterton Hospital from down south where they landed when they returned from the war front;
2. Any information on soldiers and their conditions;
3. For those that died whilst in Winterton Hospital, where they are buried; and
4. Any additional information that your readers think would be helpful.
The research is funded from the Heritage Lottery Fund and is managed by the Workers’ Educational Association which is a non profit making organisation which delivers a number of courses for adults. I am a volunteer for this project and my written word hopefully will be included in a WEA publication and will be available to the public. Thanks for any help offered. Gareth Rees, Thorpe Thewles. Tel: 01740 630150

Sedgefield army of volunteers thanked at celebration event

Now in its third year, ‘A Celebration of Sedgefield Volunteers’ was organised by Sedgefield Village Games, held in the Manor House and supported by Sedgefield Co-op. A the special reception, with refreshments and a free raffle, Sedgefield’s volunteers were thanked once again for their hard work.

More than 70 representatives from a wide range of community groups attended, between them representing scores of clubs, societies and other community groups. Guests were asked to bring donations for the local food bank and a generous number of items were collected. They have been handed over to the foodbank by Michael King of St. Edmund’s Church and Sedgefield Area Churches Together.

Chris Lines, event organiser and member of the Sedgefield Village Games committee, comments: ‘There was a brilliant turnout at the event - the room was packed and it was a lovely atmosphere. We welcomed a very good cross section of the many volunteers who help make Sedgefield such a vibrant community and great place to live. It’s really nice to be able to thank volunteers in this way for their amazing work and we’re very grateful to the Manor House and Sedgefield Co-op for supporting the event again.’ Sedgefield Village Games was inspired by the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and although the main focus has always been on sport, it has also contributed to the many other aspects of community life in Sedgefield, all made possible by volunteers.