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Sedgefield Village Neighbourhood & Crime Watch Panel

Local Beat Officer PC Keith Todd gave valuable information about Door to Door Selling, strongly advising people not to buy at the doorstep. He continued, “People trying to sell at the door should have a Pedlar’s Licence. Ask to see it, get their details and pass these on to the local Police, to allow them to check up. If they don’t have it, try to get as much information as you can that might help to identify them, then pass this on to Sedgefield Police. Gather and record details about any vehicles they are using. Make, model, colour and, especially, registration number can be very useful in helping police to identify patterns of activity and to identify offenders. In this instance do not buy. Never give door knockers any information about you or your household; you do not know how this may be used!"

Members and others present were extremely concerned about the ongoing problem of Youth Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) & Underage Drinking in Sedgefield. PC Todd provided details of recent action by the local police. Supported by Special Constables, they displayed exclusion notices to limit the movement of some of the young people. Several youths were excluded from a defined area of the village for 24hrs. Around 20 exclusion notices were issued (See PC Todd’s report for details). Members felt strongly that the problem has not gone away and that it will not do so without continuous Police presence and action. PC Todd readily acknowledged this but also drew attention to the limitations of resources locally.

It is very much up to Sedgefield residents to ring in and report ASB along with any matter that concerns them. It is in the hands of residents to continually report instances of such behaviour as, without hard records of the problems, the Police cannot act - especially if this situation persists. Police Communications: Unfortunately there was no Inspector present at this meeting. However PC Todd did inform us that the Police Crime and Victims Commissioner, Ron Hogg, will be at Sedgefield Show on 12th August. PCVC Hogg will be joining PC Todd on the Police Display Van. This will be an ideal opportunity for all individuals with concerns about Communications or any Police matter to talk to Ron Hogg in person.

Full details (draft minutes) of the July meeting will be posted in the two notice boards in Sedgefield. To contact Local Police & report any concerns, seek advice or pass on information, call 101.

NB: it may be prudent to keep notes of any conversation & obtain an incident number. For advice or assistance, contact Police Community Liaison Officer Faye Callan. Call 101 Extension 742317. Email

Police Crime and Victims’ Commissioner: Annual Report

Ron Hogg's annual report focuses on how The Police and partner organisations have fared in meeting the objectives he set for them in the past year. It highlights a bespoke Victim Care and Advice Service (VCAS), a Restorative Justice pilot supporting victims in Durham Crown Court, and the Checkpoint Programme, dealing with ways of reducing the level of reoffending. This programme has won a national award from The Howard League for Penal Reform.

PCVC Hogg emphasises the priority he wants given to victims of crime and anti-social behaviour in his second term of office. After an ‘extensive consultation with local people’ he released his new Police, Crime and Victims’ Plan in November ‘16. The key objectives were; to tackle crime and keep communities safe; support victims & the vulnerable; inspire confidence in policing and the criminal justice system.

HM Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) ranked Durham Constabulary as the best police force in the country for the third year running. To find out about other key achievements, services for victims, projects funded through the Community Safety Fund, and how PCVC Hogg scrutinised police performance during 2016-17, you can see the Annual Report at:, or search for Durham PCC on Facebook and Twitter.

Sedgefield Village Action Group

The third appeal for proposed housing development between Beacon Lane and Stockton Road began on 27th June and lasted 5 days. Avant homes want to build 150 houses on this site. This will be opposite the Eden Drive development where building of 277 houses is already underway. SVAG volunteers attended the appeal and were the only local group representing Sedgefield who stayed for the full five days!

This appeal followed the refusal of planning permission by D.C.C. and is another green field site which could well be swallowed up. The Action Group, together with local residents and Sedgefield Town Council, made representations to the inspector, which we hope were well received.

In the absence of a County Durham plan we are at the mercy of unchecked further development. Durham County admitted the plan is “on hold” but were unable to give reasons for their delay. They have refused to forward our Sedgefield Plan to an independent inspector, and referendum by local people, Whilst the enquiry was under way, we received notification that ANOTHER public enquiry will take place soon. This is concerning a huge development by ESRG, at the east of Sedgefield Community College, wrapping right round from Sainsburys to Beacon Avenue and The Orchard, on both sides of Butterwick Rd. This will be for a 63 bed care home, 58 bed assisted living complex, 371 houses with 72 self build plots, enterprise units, general industrial premises and, they claim, community and youth facilities. The developer plans access to this site via Salters Lane, beside Bolams and Sainsburys. We have not yet received the inspectors decision following the enquiry earlier in June for the development on the old hospital brown field site.

In last month’s Sedgefield News, we said there was the potential for 527 new houses to be built, but the above news means there is actually a potential for over 900 new houses. There is also the possible development of the three cornered field and 300 wooden lodges at Brakes Farm to be considered. We are under siege by developers who see Sedgefield as a profitable location because it’s a nice place to live. Even if we assume there will be only 3 people in each new house (although in truth it will be many more with two or three children), this will increase our population from the present approx. 5,500 by another 2,694 - nearly half as many again. How will the doctor, dentist and schools cope with this influx? There is also the problem of parking in the village, with maybe more than another 2,000 cars? At the public meetings for the Sedgefield Plan, it was agreed that 300 houses was acceptable. But these new developments are already changing our village. The Eden Drive entrance and accompanying traffic upheaval already blight the entrance to the village.

The Action Group’s remit is to keep everyone informed of these developments, which we try to do by publishing updates in the Sedgefield News. As soon as a date is announced for the ESRG public enquiry, the action group will make it widely known by posters, further Sedgefield News articles, and via various local websites.

If you wish to help in any way, or for further information, please contact the SVAG representative on 07523 457584 or email It’s your town! Fight for it!

PC Todd-Crime Report
PC Todd-Crime Report

Over recent weekends we have received a few complaints from residents regarding the conduct of youths who gather on a Friday evening. I must stress that the majority of young people are well behaved and respectful. However, there are one or two individuals who believe they can do what they like. To these individuals I would say that if you do not behave yourself, we will ask you to leave the village. To enforce this point we have conducted three weekends of action against Anti-social behaviour. A number of youths were required to leave Sedgefield or have further action taken against them (Direction to Leave notice). Crime in general remains low. However, recent crimes include the theft of garden furniture in North Park Road, theft from a van in Beaumont Court, damage to a flag pole in Eden Drive and damage to the seats of a school bus.

Pub Watch

A meeting was held recently in the Hardwick Arms. Concerns were raised regarding the two recent burglaries. This situation has been addressed, however, with improved security. No incidents were reported which required further action by members.

The Trusty
Sedgefield Farmers’ Market

Sedgefield Farmers’ Market - Sunday 6th August

Stallholder news:
Back this month with their locally brewed, bottled ales are Three Brothers Brewery from Stockton. Carol Walker’s Just Desserts will be with us for the first time with gluten free cakes, and 2 more first timers - cheesecake maker, Rachel Whitehouse brings The Busy Whisk and (yet more good news for the sweet-toothed) Debbie Obrien opens The Fudge Parlour in Sedgefield for the first time.

Sedgefield Eggs made a popular first appearance in July and they are delighted to be one of our most local food producers, along with Parlour Made cheese from Mordon. We’re so lucky to be able to offer a increased variety of produce, including sausages, organically farmed meat, fish, pies, gluten free baked goods, preserves, plants, and the remarkable reclaimed timber work which is produced by Dave Hall of Oakdene Woodcraft. If you’ve never been to the market before, you might be surprised by the great value for money and superb quality to be found at Sedgefield Farmers’ Market.

Our two free community stalls this month are Sedgefield Young Farmers and The National Trust. The Northumbrian Pipers make sweet music all morning and the Sedgefield Village Games equipment will be on the green for the children.

First Aid
We have acquired a new First Aid Kit for the market. It will be held at the small Sedgefield Development Trust stall and we are offering to provide First Aid training to our stallholders and regular volunteers. If you’re interested, talk to Roger or ask at the SDT stall. Otherwise - perhaps if you would like to volunteer to help with the market - email

Sedgefield Energy Switch

After 3 years of Energy Switch, total savings exceed £125,000!

Although this last year has been the most challenging since we started our scheme, in the face of significant increases in energy costs at the time auction, Energy Switch has produced market leading, winning energy tariffs at each of the year's three auctions. This means that participants of the scheme have continued to make savings against what it would have cost had they not have switched with us. To continue saving, for those people whose contracts come to an end before the end of the year and for people wishing to join the scheme the next key dates for registration are:
Registration Opens 8th August & Closes 9th October : Auction 10th October
Personal Offers, from 23rd October : Acceptance closes 28th November
There are 2 ways to register
1. If you are happy to register online, go to, open the ENERGY SWITCH section, click on the GREEN ‘REGISTER NOW’ button, then click ‘SIGN UP TODAY’. Then simply fill out your details.
2. If you prefer to register and receive information through the post, or need any assistance, please call the Sedgefield Development Trust Helpline on 07980 134 594 and we will be happy to help, or complete your registration for you. Registering for the scheme commits you to nothing and you will not receive any pestering phone calls (guaranteed).

Ceddesfeld Hall-Home of Sedgefield Community Association

The 25th Ceddesfeld Beer Festival was great fun. Thanks to all SCA volunteers and friends who helped in the run up and over the weekend. Also thanks to Lol and Maxine Crallan for providing the entertainment on the Saturday evening. Both nights were very busy and the range of beers and ciders were very popular. There was very little left! Thanks also to local business sponsors, Select Financial Solutions, The Bailey Group, Parsons Containers, The Blues Club, Sedgefield Web Design and Robinsons of Wingate. Their support is much appreciated and important in helping to sustain the event for future years.

SCA’s next event is in support of Sedgefield Folk Festival at Ceddesfeld Hall. There are lots of events and workshops planned across the weekend. On the Friday 1st September we have an evening with Stockton to Darlington Ukulele Express and Lol and Maxine Crallan (£5 entry) and on Saturday evening an Open Mic featuring the Old Age Travellers. These are just two of the many events at the hall and across the village so please check websites (see below) for more details.

SCA works hard to provide and improve events which reflect the activities and pastimes of residents of all ages.

This year’s 47th Mediaeval Fayre was successful and well attended, but the event is now organised by a dwindling number of volunteers, some of whom are elderly. This is not sustainable and although we did have some new volunteers this year, more people are needed to help in moving the event forward; to suggest new ideas; to support in the run up and during the collections and with sorting and helping out on the day.

If you would like to be involved, please contact Sarah ASAP. Planning for next year’s event has already begun. It is only through new volunteers that this long standing, very popular event will continue.

Sedgefield Folk Festival 2017 is on

For more information, contact Wendy, 620206: Pat, 620607: Sarah, 622185 or visit


God bless the man with such a big heart,
Who joined Sedgefield Harriers from its start.
He took on recordings of many timed trials,
As runners ran their gruelling miles.
Supporting the club, with a glint in his eye,
His passion for running would never die.
Kindness and strength he liked to give,
Just like the life that Eamonn lived.
The Unknown Poet, 2017

The Inner Wheel Club of Sedgefield

would like to thank everyone who supported the Afternoon Tea & Flower Demonstration on Friday 23rd June. With your help we raised £927 for the James Cook Hospital Heart Fund. Thank you all very much.

Manor House History

I am piecing together the history of the Manor House and I’d like to hear from anyone who has recollections of the building, its uses or occupants, including during council and court years last century. This could be the smallest recollection or an account by someone who worked there or had a relative that did. I’d love to talk with anyone who can help and I’ll credit contributions. If you can help please contact me, Ean Parsons, on 07771 828 568 or

Stepping Out For Stroke

New Great Grandma Margaret Hope of The Meadows, Sedgefield, pictured below with daughters Alison and Caroline, Grandchildren Georgina & Francesca, and Zorro the Great Dane, raised £286 for Step out for Stroke (Stroke Association) by doing a sponsored walk around Stewarts Park, Middlesbrough on a very rainy 2nd June 2017. Margaret would like to say a big “Thank You” to everyone for their generous sponsorship and support.

Watch out! The times they are a-changing

Collection times for post-boxes on the outskirts of Sedgefield have changed. The two boxes near Turners and on the corner of the The Lane & Durham Road now have 9am pickup times (7am on a Saturday), and the day tab on the box shows the following day once the collection has been made. The changes have occurred due to a significant decline in the volume of letters, which resulted in post-boxes no longer covering their cost. Royal Mail introduced the changes to collection times to allow the less used post-boxes to remain. A spokeswoman said: “We would like to reassure all our customers in Sedgefield that we will retain a high level of access to late collection posting facilities.” Sedgefield resident, Mike Ashwell raised awareness of the changes to ensure that residents of are prepared if they are posting time-sensitive post. He said: “I work from home and post quite a number of date-sensitive packages, where the pre-paid postage is invalid if they are not collected until the next day.” Post boxes in the centre of the town, at Sedgefield Post Office and the Dun Cow Inn, still offer collection until 5:30pm.

The Les Joss Memorial Mathematics Award

In recognition of the late Mr Les Joss, the college presents an annual mathematics award to a selected student who excels in this subject. Members of this community will remember Les, a mathematics teacher himself, and governor at Sedgefield Community College for a number of years. This year Mrs Lorna Joss presented the award to Harley Haynes-Sefton, a Year 10 student who has displayed excellent mathematical skills and outstanding persistence. Les’ son Ian also attended to watch this year’s presentation. Well done Harley!