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Sedgefield Village Neighbourhood & Crime Watch Panel

The AGM & the subsequent scheduled meeting were held on Tuesday 10th October. Minutes of both meetings will be posted in the Police notice board and the Town Council board as normal. There were no new volunteers at the AGM. Consequently existing officers, unwilling to let the group fold, have volunteered to stay on for another year. Nights Drawing In: Remember that preventative measures only take a little thought and are well worthwhile, so please consider the simple deterrent measures outlined by PC Todd, and avoid becoming a victim of crime.

New £20,000 fund launched

Thanks to the new “Young PCVC Community Safety Fund” launched this week by Libby Wright, the newly elected ‘Young’ Police, Crime & Victims’ Commissioner, young people will be able to apply for funding to cut crime and improve the safety of their communities. £10,000 comes from Ron Hogg, Police, Crime and Victims’ Commissioner, and the other £10,000 from the County Durham Community Foundation. The Fund will provide grants up to £5,000 for projects that address:

  • Improving road safety
  • Reducing anti-social behaviour
  • Reducing rural crime
  • Awareness of drug addiction or alcohol misuse
  • Reducing re-offending
  • Support for victims of crime and antisocial behaviour
  • Meeting the needs of vulnerable people, such as people with mental health problems, or children at risk
  • Domestic abuse and sexual violence
  • Hate crime
  • Emerging threats e.g. extremism

The Fund is open to any young person aged from 9- 18 living in County Durham or Darlington to support community projects. To be eligible to apply, you must have the support of an organisation, youth group or school who knows you and can comment on your abilities to run your project. This might include charitable or community organisations, Police Cadets, Fire Cadets or the Mini-Police, schools or uniformed services. You must apply by 7 November at grants-for-individuals After this date, Libby will chair a committee of young people to select the successful projects.

PC Todd-Crime Report
PC Todd-Crime Report

As the nights become darker and the weather turns colder, please spare a thought for the need to adjust your security precautions. At this time of year, when you go out during the day there is a chance that, on your return, your house will be in darkness. Opportunist thieves will be looking for such a property. Knowing that nobody is at home makes for easy pickings! If this is the case, please consider using timer lights. Recently such an unlit property in the village became a target for early evening thieves. The owners returned to find the patio doors forced, the house ransacked and a quantity of jewellery stolen. Other crimes include, a trailer stolen from the Travel Lodge and three burglaries reported at the Co-op stores. The two offenders have now been arrested after committing similar crimes around the North East. Some local stores have also suffered from shoplifting. This includes Bolam’s, where one male was arrested but a second unfortunately managed to escape, and the Co-op where a male was arrested.

Pub Watch

A meeting was held recently in the Hardwick Arms. No incidents were reported which required further action by members.

Until next time, Keith.

SDT Projects

Sedgefield Farmers’ Market - Sunday 5th November

The Community Stall at our market on 5th November will be the St John Ambulance. Stallholder news. Dryden Farms make their annual visit with samples of their Geese and Kelly Bronze turkeys. Taste before you order your Christmas dinner centrepiece.

Sedgefield Energy Switch

It has been brought to the our attention that some people have experienced errors when trying to register online for our Energy Saving Scheme, some having had difficulties finding their existing tariffs and also finding that information fields were missing when using Internet Explorer. Working closely with iChoosr, the company who collate the registrations, we have identified and resolved all of the issues that people were experiencing.

We are concerned that people who might have wanted to register for the scheme may not have been able to. To provide that opportunity of completing a registration the Development Trust have arranged to have the registration site re-opened after the auction. So, if you haven’t already registered you have until 21st November.
We have received some advance information (as of 16th October) that SSE have again won the auction and that the winning tariff was market leading on the date of the auction (10th October). We haven’t details of the rates but those who registered before the auction date will start receiving their personal offers from 23rd October.
Don’t forget if your existing energy contract comes to an end between now and January next year, NOW IS THE TIME TO REGISTER. As before, if you are happy to register on line yourself, go to, open the ENERGY SWITCH section, click on the ‘REGISTER NOW’ button and then follow the links and fill out your details.
OR if you prefer to register and receive information through the post, or need any assistance, please call the Sedgefield Development Trust Helpline on 07980 134 594 and we will be more than happy to assist, or complete your registration for you.

Are you interested in HOMEWORK HELP?

Thanks to those who responded to last month's announcement. More responses would be welcome, both to help and looking for help! So, with what?

As part of Sedgefield Development Trust, I'm looking to launch a homework help group, probably in January, for students and pupils aged around 8 to 18, from any school in the local area. If you would like help with understanding something in your school homework or you would just like a quiet space to work on it; or if you would like to help - please contact me. This would not be teaching, tuition or child-minding; just volunteers willing to share their knowledge or help untangle any difficulties with things that pupils are learning.

I'm looking to find out who might be interested in coming along, to learn or to help; what day and time of day would work best; whether regular sessions or ad hoc arrangements would suit better; what subjects you'd like help with and what year you are in at school; or what subjects you could offer help with and to what level. All helpers would be DBS-checked. For more information or to let me know you are interested, please e-mail:

Thanks, Tamzin Lafford.

Ceddesfeld Hall-Home of Sedgefield Community Association

Sedgefield is such a great place to live, not least because of the fantastic opportunities open to people of all ages to benefit from the various groups and associations available. For the past 37 years, Barbara Hobson has worked at the the pre-school based at Ceddesfeld Hall. Barbara initially started working at the pre-school as a helper before taking over as manager and has remained in role since then. Throughout this time the pre-school has benefited literally hundreds of young children between the ages of 2 to 5 years. For most of the youngsters it was their first opportunity to socialise, play and learn alongside other children of their own age in an educational setting. Throughout the years and through lots of changes to education and OFSTED inspections, Barbara and her team have succeeded in providing an enriching and stimulating, child-centred environment, much valued by local parents and grandparents, who as well as having their children educated, benefited also from meeting other parents and carers.

It is with real sadness, that SCA announce the closure of Ceddesfeld Hall pre-school. We would like to say a very sincere and huge ‘THANK YOU’ to Barbara for her commitment and years of work and would like her to know that we think she has made a real contribution and difference to the lives of many people in Sedgefield. Three generations have passed through the doors in her time. What a fantastic achievement. Barbara is now retiring and is hoping to spend more time with her family and her own young grandchildren. She has said that she is very sad to be finishing and that she will miss the children, parents and staff who have been very supportive, loyal and encouraging over the years.

Helen Crossan, who has worked alongside Barbara for over 20 years is also retiring, and both are pictured here, at work with the children. SCA will miss the pre-school and it really is the end of an era. We would like to wish Barbara and her team every happiness for the future and best wishes for a long and healthy retirement.

Book Festival thanks SCA kindly hosted (free of charge) most of the events in the recent book festival, a review of which can be found on p.7. Thanks to all supported the event. We look forward to building on it next year.

For more information, contact Wendy, 620206: Pat, 620607: Sarah, 622185 or visit

Sedgefield Village Veterans

Hold their annual Remembrance Day Service at St Luke's War Memorial, Winterton on FRIDAY 10th NOVEMBER starting at 10.35hrs. The timing helps the schools and factories to allow their representatives to take part. Deputy Lord lieutenant, Mrs Andrea Flynn will also attend.

Dirty dogs and the dangers they leave for our children.

We have received a letter from a lady who recently moved to Sedgefield and has been shocked by the amount of dog dirt on the streets here. She comments “every day I find some and this anti-social behaviour is a health hazard to our community. In particular the worms carried can cause blindness. Sadly, twice this week there has been some outside Sedgefield Primary School.” She continues “I am hoping you may be able to help publicise this and lead to an improvement in the current situation.”

Well, what’s to do? Our late and much missed Village Warden, Tim Spearey, did a lot to campaign and educate on this. Who will take up the challenge?

Charity thanks

Sedgefield Library would like thank all of the kind people who baked and attended their ‘MacMillan Biggest Coffee Morning’ on the 28 September, and helped to raise £137.24 which has been sent to the worthy cause. Thank you.

Katie Burkhill

Macmillan coffee morning

A big thank you to everyone who came and supported the Macmillan coffee morning on 29th September. And thank you to all my friends who helped with baking, serving coffee ,washing up and organising the raffle and donating prizes. We had a very good and busy morning raising £760.

Margaret Dickerson, Hardwick Road

Anti-social behaviour

Noise and nuisance created by large groups of young people, now regular Friday night visitors to Sedgefield, is a major problem which needs to be addressed. On Saturday 14th October I collected two large black sacks of litter from the grounds of Ceddesfeld Hall, including takeaway cartons, empty packets, plastic bottles, soft drinks cans and a great many alcohol containers, amongst them vodka, schnapps, wine and beer. Further rubbish was strewn around the centre of the village and the play-ground, the first meeting place for this increasingly large crowd.

My thanks to dog walker, Colin Eltringham, who came to my assistance, as well as two ladies, also walking dogs, who shared their concerns. The grounds of Ceddesfeld Hall, as well as the village green, are open areas for the benefit of all residents and visitors. Neither should have to be avoided thanks to the unacceptable behaviour of some. Voices are raised, swearing is prevalent and the large groups are intimidating, intentionally or not.

Strategies suggested by local police seem to have had little effect. Parents need to take responsibility for the actions of their children, who could indeed be in danger. Combine alcohol, dark nights, large groups and uninhibited behaviour and Sedgefield could be the setting for some very serious problems.

Norma Neal