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Sedgefield Neighbourhood Watch (NHW)
Sedgefield News Article
Working Together to Keep Crime Down Sedgefield Neighbourhood Watch has been meeting with Durham Constabulary to instigate and continually look for ways of working together to keep crime down. This is an important commitment whereby we support each other in an effort to maximise results. We have actioned the following: • NHW Meeting dates, now set for the rest of the year to coincide with Sedgefield Police shift patterns. • NHW Vice Chair Ian Milne (an ex-Police Officer) to be our key link with the Sedgefield beat team of PC John Lamb and PCSO Amy Jorgeson. • Cyber Security Presentation arranged with Police Cyber Crime Officer Katie Cain on 10Th April at 7pm in the Social Club. (All welcome and entry is free). • NHW Committee Secretary is a new volunteer who is an ex-Special Constable. • NHW website coming soon to aid communications. Working together of course also includes you, the members of the Community, so please report incidents quickly to the Police. All information is treated in the strictest of confidence. Dial 101 (or emergency 999) or Crimestoppers helpline 0800 555 111 Please lock up, stay safe and sleep well.

Local Police: Call 101 to report concerns, seek advice or pass on information. Always keep notes and ask for an incident number.
Crime Prevention Officer: Rona Stocks. rona.stocks@durham.pnn.police.uk
Police Community Cohesion Officer: Faye Callan. 101 Extension 742317. Faye.callan@durham.pnn.police.uk
Confidential email address: John.lamb@durham.pnn.police.uk.
Any information we receive will be developed and acted upon.

Register before 11th February

Community Life

Letter from PC Lamb
Hello Everybody.
The newly appointed officials of Sedgefield NHW have made some sterling progress and are keen to enlist the public to provide as many pairs of eyes as possible.

Despite the work done last summer on the anti-social behaviour problem there is still a minority of youths who appear intent on causing damage to property and distress to residents. Parents can play a big part in moderating the behaviour of some of these youths by pointing out a few home truths such as: The landlord of a pub has every right to demand that a person leaves their premises.

If you are underage and trying to get served in a pub, you must leave when you are asked to go. Refusal to leave can legally be met with removal by force, if required. Anyone photographing a young person in the act of threatening behaviour, criminal damage etc is doing nothing wrong. A young person who shouts and swears in response, however, is committing a criminal offence. Last year we took action against a number of youths whose life choices have been affected as a result. Ring leaders who instigate this sort of behaviour want to impress their friends and to seem brave on the streets but once in custody are mostly tearful and ask, “Will this affect me in the future?”
Anti-Social Behaviour
NHW and Police are continuing to address your No.1 concern from the survey feedback, which is anti-social behaviour.

The following Police Notice was posted on the ‘In The Know’ website and NHW produced hard copies which have been distributed on notice boards around the village. Please note the emphasis on parental responsibility for criminal acts committed by under 18’s:
‘Police are aware of youths from the local area gathering in Sedgefield village in possession of alcohol and causing nuisance to the local community.
As always there will be a ZERO TOLERANCE approach taken in respect of this. Anyone found to be causing antisocial behaviour in the area will be dealt with robustly. This may include:
Being issued with a Direction to Disperse;
Referrals made to Social Services;
Parents issued with warnings;
Community Protection Warnings issued preventing individuals from being in Sedgefield centre at certain times.
Children found in possession of alcohol will be removed to a place of safety and parents will be required to collect them and speak with the Police Sergeant or Inspector.
Social Services referrals will always be made where children are found in possession of alcohol.

The majority of those who have been spoken to recently are from the Sedgefield area. Police would urge parents, carers and guardians to take an active part helping to deter such behaviours within the local community.’ Lisa Hall (Police, PCSO, Sedgefield)

Related to the above, a recent incident involved damage to several cars on Stockton Road. Police have evidence and are following up lines of inquiry.
Are Your Kids Safe Online?
Not only are adults at risk online (please attend the free Police Cyber Safety talk mentioned above), but our children are especially at risk. How do you help your children stay safe online? Whilst the internet is a fantastic resource for learning, communicating and entertainment, it is also largely unregulated and, unfortunately the channel of choice for many people who have bad intentions and do not care who they are harming.

As adults, we are largely aware of the potential issues connected with being online, but children are more innocent and trusting than we are and full of natural curiosity which makes them less prepared to handle negative situations they may come across on the internet. That’s why today, you need to be ‘switched on’ to how to protect your children online…not just with parental control and specialist software but by engaging with them from an early age, and keeping engaged with them as they grow up in their digital world.

A Guide to how you can best engage with your children including appropriate steps to keep them safe is available on www.getsafeonline.org/safeguarding-children. Click on the ‘Switched On Parent’ button for advice written by experts which is easy to follow and implement …and better still, is completely free.
Steve’s Nature Diary
Sedgefield News Article
As I write this, it is absolutely pouring down, not good for getting out and about but ideal conditions for amphibians! People often ask me what is the best thing you can do for wildlife in your garden and the answer is a pond, whether it is small or large it provides so much to your garden for wildlife.

For this year’s Wild About Gardens challenge, The Wildlife Trusts and the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) are calling on people to put in a pond. From mini container ponds to larger sunken ponds, it’s THE garden feature that can make the biggest difference to wildlife.

With much of the UK’s native flora and fauna under threat, often down to habitat loss, Wild About Gardens sees the two charities join forces to raise awareness of the importance of gardens in supporting wildlife and offer advice on how to make them more wildlife-friendly.

The UK has lost ponds, rivers and streams at a rapid rate and only a small amount of our natural ponds and wetlands remain. Many of these are in poor condition and 13% of UK freshwater and wetland species are threatened with extinction. The loss of these important places – to development, drainage and intensive farming – is linked to a huge decline in wildlife, including frogs and toads, water voles and insects. Adding a pond is one of the best ways you can help wildlife and enjoy the benefits of seeing water plants, birds and bees close to home. Digging a pond is great for hedgehogs to have somewhere to drink and for frogs, newts and other amphibians to feed and breed. All ponds, large, small, dug or container, are good news for bats, damselflies, dragonflies, and other insects. I only have a small garden, so my pond is a sunken washing up bowl. It is well used by frogs and has been visited by dragonflies.

The Wild About Gardens team are providing pond-tastic inspiration to get you started: enjoy the fabulous “Big or Small, Ponds for All” booklet – a step-by-step guide to creating the perfect pond. Download the booklet from www.wildaboutgardens.org.uk and get digging.
All change at the Hardwick Arms
You may have noticed that the Hardwick Arms Hotel has closed, but it is only temporary whilst the renovations that are evident on the outside are completed on the inside. The Management Team would like to thank everyone who has supported the business since they acquired it in May 2018. This has helped shape the future of the business, considering the social, cultural and ethical business nature for Sedgefield. The renovation will make no change to the Grade II listed property’s historic charm, and they hope to open by the end of May.

The Hotel: the 11 bedrooms will be redecorated and the facilities upgraded The Bar and Café: these will be accessed from the left of the coach arch. The bar will be a music, sports and social networking area. The summer café will be available for brunch and afternoon tea.

The Herd and Herb Restaurant: will be accessed from the right of the arch. This area will be refurbished, including new toilets and baby changing facilities. The restaurant will use seasonal local fare, with a classic European style of meat, fish, vegetarian and gluten free options. The Lounge: a bright modern lounge space will be created for relaxing and chatting. Another chapter begins in the life of this historic coaching inn.
Sedgefield News
If you would like to join the team that produces Sedgefield News, we are looking for voluntary help with some of the practicalities of getting the news to print. This might mean sorting the diary, organising proofreading, making arrangements with the printer and possibly helping with advertising. The primary requirement for anyone on the team is good English, but good IT and admin skills are key to this project. Mainly though, you need a willingness to work with the team, to try to understand how we work and fill in the gaps which lack of time tends to create.

Please also contact us if your interest is in the detailed production of a publication, using Microsoft Publisher. Email sedgefieldnews@hotmail.com or call/text the news phone, 07572 502 904.
NEWS DELIVERERS NEEDED URGENTLY News of a long-standing volunteer moving away means that volunteer(s) are needed to deliver a total of 60 copies to Caden Court, Naylor Rd, Lisle Gardens and Swyfte Close. If you can help, please contact Judith Edgoose. Call 07899 984 464 or email mail@toddshousefarm.co.uk
Farmers Market News
Sedgefield Farmers Market News
Sunday 7th April from 8.30am
Local woodworker, Phil Dinsley is new in April, and ‘Phil’s custom woodworks’ Facebook page is well worth a look.

“Extra Virgin Lovesome Rapeseed Oil” is grown & cold-pressed at Olly Lawson’s farm in Brafferton. Meet him this month. Sedgefield Churches Together are on our community stall, with hot cross buns, hot drinks, children’s craft activities, information about the local churches, foodbank, and more. Ceddesfolk will kick off the 2019 music season, so do come out and have some fun while you shop!

DON’T FORGET TO GO GREEN WITH ONE OF OUR FAB NEW JUTE BAGS! Do come along and support them - and of course, explore our Farmers' Market! Send enquiries to farmersmarket@sedgefieldweb.co.uk
Energy Switch News
Sedgefield Energy Switch News
Still gathering momentum FEBRUARY REGISTRATIONS INCREASED BY 65% ON SAME PERIOD LAST YEAR! We still believe that participation gives residents the best chance of minimising energy costs, which are widely known to have risen by over 30% during the past two years. An example from those who have been a part of Sedgefield Energy Switch since October 2014, shows an average user would have paid £927 for that year. Significant savings would have made in the following years and they now would expect to pay £962, an increase of less than 4%. You can join by registering in April. If you are already a part of the scheme and your current contract ends before the end of July, you need to register in this next period in to continue to be part of the scheme.

REGISTRATION METHODS. 1. Online at www.sedgefieldweb.co.uk. Open ENERGY SWITCH, click on ‘REGISTER NOW’ then ‘SIGN UP TODAY’ & fill out your details. 2. Through the post, or for help with registration, please call 07980 134 594. Registration commits you to nothing and you will NOT receive pestering phone calls.

Registration OPENS on 2nd April, CLOSES on 20th May 2019. The Auction is on 21st May. Offer Letters issued from 3rd June. Final Acceptance date, 2nd July 2019.
Homework Help News
Sedgefield Homework Help News
More young people are coming forward for Homework Help, which is great! We'd love to be able to help even more, so we need more volunteers. If you would like to help, particularly with English or maths (regularly or as occasional cover) or want to find out more about it, please do get in touch. Email homeworkhelpsedgefield@gmail.com or find us on sedgefieldweb.co.uk or on Facebook. All volunteers are DBS checked. Many thanks! We also have a new contact willing to talk to anyone interested in a career in finance. Contact the e-mail address above and we'll arrange a discussion.
Woodland Wildlife News
Sedgefield Woodland Wildlife News
420 more trees were planted on a sunny day in March. If you are interested in joining in the activities of the Woodland and Wildlife group, would like to join in the conversations over e-mail, or for more information, please contact sdtwwcontact@gmail.com. Alternatively, if you are on Facebook please search for 'Woodland and Wildlife - Sedgefield' and then request to join the page.
Ceddesfeld Hall: Home of Sedgefield Community Association
Sedgefield Community Association News
Spring is well on its way and the annual Egg Hunt (under 12’s) takes place on Easter Monday 22nd April, with Easter eggs hidden in the grounds, prizes for different age groups and an Easter bonnet and decorated egg competition. It begins at 1.45 pm in the main hall with the selection of the Mediaeval Fayre May Queen and her attendants, by raffle ticket draw. The free egg hunt , sponsored by SCA and the Mediaeval Fayre Committee, begins at 2 pm. The bar will also be open.

Another fund raiser for Mediaeval Fayre is St George’s Dinner on Saturday 27st April. It starts with a drinks reception at 7 pm, followed by a meal of steak pie, vegetables and sweets, cheese board andcoffee or tea and mints to finish. Entertainment is by the very popular Lirica. At a very reasonable price of just £20, tickets are going fast. To book a place please contact Pat on 01740 620607 or John on 01740 620042.

Preparations for Sedgefield Mediaeval Fayre (Saturday 18th May) are well underway. We’re looking forward to starting the day with the children’s walking parade which this year is based on ‘The Greatest Showman’. The circus skills theme goes through much of the day with free workshops and activities taking place on the lawns and on the green.

Popular attractions, fun fair rides, craft stalls, community stalls and a range of activities which include mediaeval displays, Living History, Tug of War, Birds of Prey and face painting on the green and in the grounds of Ceddesfeld are there for everyone to enjoy.

The fayre is a longstanding community event which draws people to the town and provides an opportunity for a great family day out. There are refreshments and the bar at Ceddesfeld Hall is open all day. It’s also a busy day for the local pubs and businesses, several of which sponsor the event. Many local groups do get involved but any further support from volunteers who can offer help selling raffle tickets, manning stalls and with preparation in the run up to the day is much needed. Please do get in touch or add your name to the rota lists in the foyer at Ceddesfeld. Just one hour of your time makes a big difference.

The ‘Proclamation’ and collections timetable will be in next month’s edition so please be ready with any toys, books, tins& groceries, bric-a brac and raffle/tombola prizes, when volunteers come knocking. Collectors will be easily recognisable wearing yellow SCA waistcoats. All volunteers will have an opportunity to take part in a free prize draw. We’re looking forward to a great day!
For more information on Ceddesfeld Hall events, regular activities, room hire and bar opening times, contact Wendy on 01740 620206, Pat on 01740 620607, Sarah on 01740 622185. Visit us on Facebook or see the SCA website, www.sedgefieldsca.org.uk
Durham Road chicanes
Your February issue included a letter criticising the traffic calming measures on Durham Road. These chicanes had a significant positive impact on road noise outside our house when they were introduced, by reducing the number of drivers accelerating along Durham Road in excess of the speed limit.

I do not believe that a few frustrated drivers, some of whom resort to aggressive driving to get through the chicanes, provides a sound basis for advocating their removal, unless there is something more effective to put in their place. In the absence of any better ideas to calm the traffic and control excess speed, I would prefer that they remain as they are. Duncan Woods, Sedgefield
Horses at Winterton
I live in the Winterton area of Sedgefield where we walk our two dogs and we make sure that any waste is deposited it in the bins provided. So, is this about others dog owners not doing the same?

No, generally everyone is very respectful of the space and the community. What really, really irritates me are the owners of horses who see fit to ride them through the estate, often on the footpaths, and allow the horses to defecate without even attempting to clear up the considerable mess they leave in their wake. The argument will no doubt be that there isn’t a law against it and that there aren’t the health issues associated with horses that there are with dogs.

Their waste may be considered ‘organic’ but it is still seriously unpleasant to encounter on a pavement outside your home. Please don’t think I am anti horses, I’m not; they are lovely animals but, given the countryside available on the doorstep, is it really necessary to ride a horse through a housing estate? Just have some consideration for the residents please. Name and address supplied
Thank you
Thank you very much for putting the details of the Snowdrop Walk in the February edition of the Sedgefield news. It turned out to be a beautiful day and raised £1240.00 for Child Bereavement UK.

Thank you for your help and we really like the new look of the newsletter. Julie Kilpatrick
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