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For sometime we've been encouraged to recycle and reuse but lately it's been emphasised how important it is to reduce or refuse. One way to do this is by eliminating single use plastic. These items are things like straws, coffee stirrers and most food packaging for things like fruit and vegetables which often is unnecessary. Do bananas not already have their own packaging, so why do they need a bag around them? Zero waste stores have been popping up aiming to provide the growing number of discerning customers with more eco-friendly alternatives to pre-packed products. Sedgefield News asked Greener Sedgefield to give an overview of such a venture.

Happily we can report that Sedgefield has their own zero waste store in the newly opened, The Juicy Pear. Owners, Natalie and Mark Barron originally envisaged a greengrocers but decided to encompass a bigger opportunity. Talking to Mark and Natalie they clearly have grabbed the ethos wholeheartedly. Natalie tells us that the stock is as local as possible, reducing carbon footprint. As well as fruit and vegetables, The Juicy Pear encourage customers to bring their own containers and refill on various products including cereals, dried fruits, nuts and seeds.

There are spices and herbs in large jars and you pay for what you need by weight. Dispensers contain liquid shampoo, conditioner, body and hand wash as well as washing up liquid so you can refill and repurpose bottles from home.

Whilst in the shop we discussed other areas of the house that can have an environmental impact, such as washing up or having a shower.
Most synthetic sponges release tiny plastic particles which then go down the drain, products do exist which prevent this and are made from natural fibres like coconut.

The Juicy Pear have considered these areas too. They were telling us that they have tested and use various products within their home and family before putting the brands on sale. The importance of being free of unnecessary packaging has been extended to shampoo bars, tooth-brushes, and personal hygiene products. Even children have been considered with a range of products aimed at them including reusable drinking straws.

The Barrons admit not everything has been easy to keep plastic free, their biggest struggle having been to source cucumbers not wrapped in plastic, something which hopefully will be remedied in the future as they're going to work with a local allotment holder.

Natalie and Mark will introduce more stock as time goes by and are happy to listen to customers requests and recommendations. They certainly have some great ideas going forward. We wish them well and congratulate them on the opening of their store.
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More Local News

Careers Day at Sedgefield Community College
The Co-op recently took part in a Careers Day for Years 7, 8, 9 & 10 students, alongside representatives from the NHS, Kier Construction, The Armed Forces, Parsons Containers and a range of other potential employers.

The Co-op had three information points: Logistics, Stores/Member Pioneers & Funeral Care, and students heard about the various roles and job opportunities in the various branches of the Coop. There were some great questions and comments from insightful kids trying to make sense of the world. One particular comment from a Y10 interested in apprenticeships really stood out! "The Co-op does 21 different types of apprenticeships?
That's awesome!"
Many thanks to Sedgefield Community College for the invitation. Tim Dredge.
Sedgefield News from the past
by Martin F Peagam, The Time Traveller, for Sedgefield Local History Society.
In January 1920– 100 years ago
Charles Renner, a Fireman on the North Eastern Railway, was leaning out from the cab as it passed through Sedgefield Station. He was struck on the head by a projection from a passing goods train. Renner suffered a fractured skull and died soon after.
In January 1870 – 150 years ago
An inquest held at the Black Lion Hotel heard about a fatal accident near Sedgefield. George Carney was employed by Mr Wight, a soda manufacturer from Stockton. On a foggy Tuesday night, Carney was on his way back to Stockton, having delivered a supply of lemonade to Sedgefield. With Carney in the one-horse spring wagon was George Heald, a greengrocer.

Confused by the fog, the horse became disoriented as it approached the stone wall of a bridge after rounding a sharp bend. The horse stopped suddenly, then fell. The wagon over-turned, and the occupants of the wagon were thrown from the wagon into a ditch. George Heald recovered quickly but George Carney was not so fortunate, and died.
The inquest made recommendations for the road to be widened and protection be provided near the wall, to prevent future accidents.
In January 1820 – 200 years ago A reward of ten guineas was being offered to bring to justice those who had stolen ‘A Fat Country Pig’. The pig had been stolen on Christmas Eve the year before. Its owner, John Elcoat, offered five guineas and another five guineas was being offered by the ‘Sedgefield Association for Prosecuting Felons.’
If you would like to know more about your local history, visit the Facebook page of the Sedgefield Local History Society or come along to one of our meetings.
Winter Wonderland
Sedgefield Hardwick Primary School enjoyed their annual Winter Wonderland celebration on Friday 6th November. The event, which has been running for a number of years, has become larger and more popular, attracting visitors from Sedgefield and beyond.

This year, visitors were greeted with the sight of four large ‘snow globes’ constructed within the school hall, each one decorated to reveal a different Christmas scene - a living room on Christmas morning, an elves’ workshop, a snowman scene, and a reindeer stables. Christmas punters were treated with a performance dance of Wizzard’s ‘Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday’ by the school staff. In the school corridors, a wide range of stalls were available with wares for all ages. Some stalls were selling products made by Sedgefield Hardwick pupils, and there were also a large number of professional and charity stall holders, all with a wide range of products. Food and drink was also available from Mrs Claus’ kitchen, lovingly concocted by Mrs Claus herself!

After the performance, the snow globes opened to visitors, providing a range of skill games and activities, as well as selfie opportunities! Both children and adults took great pleasure in throwing snowballs, trying to knock the snowmen’s hats off!

Of course, no Winter Wonderland would be complete without a visit from the man in red himself, Santa Claus! He took up residence in his grotto, located in the Reception garden! Overall, the evening was a large success, and we are already looking forward to next year’s event!
Betty’s Boutique fashions a Grand Show with a Grand Total!
Over £500 was raised for Sedgefield’s guides and rangers at a stylish and successful evening in a packed Parish Hall. Lily Grundy (below, directing from the stage) sends thanks to audience, models & helpers for fantastic support.
True Friendship
The partnership between Sedgefield and our twin town of Hamminkeln in Germany goes back a long way. For decades, there have been very successful and positive exchanges with Scouts, choirs, our Twinning Association and, more recently, through running.

Visits either to Hamminkeln or from Hamminkelners to Sedgefield invariably make us feel so warmly welcome, buzzing, excited about the new people we’ve met and friends we’ve met again, and already looking forward to next year! And with the exchanges continuing to be so successful and positive, we are looking to explore how we can build on this, for instance create links between local businesses, schools, leisure clubs - let’s dream big!

In May, another large contingent will come from Germany to visit Sedgefield and, although we don’t know numbers yet, we are already thinking of ideas on how we can welcome them with an interesting, social and fun programme. The Sedgefield Twinning Association is finding it increasingly difficult to pull this together and would really like to have some input from the wider community.

So, f you’d like to get involved in the organisation or maybe even stand for the committee and support the future direction of the STA, or if you’d just like more information, please get in touch with one of us. Alda Hummelinck ahummelinck@yahoo.co.uk or Judith Edgoose: mail@toddshousefarm.co.uk
Meanwhile...Advent in Hamminkeln
The build up to Christmas starts at the end of November with weekend Christmas Markets all over the town.

We have been meeting up at markets in Brünen, Mehrhoog, Ringenberg and central Hamminkeln to take photos to share with Sedgefield News, to give readers a glimpse of what’s happening here in the weeks before Christmas.

There are handmade Christmas decorations and unique gifts on offer, but the main attraction is the chance to meet friends and neighbours over a hot “Glühwein” or two, whilst enjoying local bands creating a special Christmas atmosphere.
Laura and Hildegard Seidel
Blocki’s Boys do it again!
Without Mike Blocki this time, the boys have won the Bishop Auckland Town Quiz, to reclaim the shield they last won in 2015.

This is a charity event, with at least £655 going towards local charity, `Community in crisis`. 25 teams took part at Bishop Auckland Rugby Club - many thanks to them and to Glyn & Gillian Wales for their organising skills.

Blocki`s boys were Graeme Oram, Tony Bland, Brian Lowes, Andrew Cannings, Darren Young and John Race.