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Tackling food waste Every year up to 10 million tonnes of food is wasted in the UK, and about 1/3 of all food produced across the globe goes to waste.

The UN reports that 35% of global fish catches are wasted. UK supermarkets throw away 240,000 tonnes of food every year. Where uneaten food ends up in landfill it produces considerable amounts of methane, a reported 3.3 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases annually.

An average UK family bins £450 worth of edible food every year. Whilst the financial loss might be the one that strikes us most noticeably it should be understood that food waste is also a huge waste of all the natural resources, like water and energy, that have been utilised for growing, processing, packaging, transporting and marketing all this food. Although it is inevitable in our busy everyday lives that not all meal times go according to plan and we will not always be able to consume all groceries before their expiry date, there is a lot that we as individuals can do to cut down on waste.

- Storing items correctly in the first place will extend their shelf life and keep them fresh and hence more appealing for longer.
- Free food sharing sites and apps like OLIO offer platforms which connect people who have surplus items with those who could put those to a good use.
- Love Food Hate Waste website by WRAP (the Waste and Resources Action Programme) offers a varied selection of recipes of how to get most out of your leftovers. What about savoury bread and butter pudding to use up stale bread?
- Unfortunately food waste collections do not take place in our county as yet, but by composting our veg peelings and apple cores etc. we can feed nutrients back into the soil.
- Anyone whose fruit trees in the garden or whose allotment has been more generous than you expected - passers by will always thankfully pick up excess garden produce from a surplus box that you have kindly left by your gate.
Siiri Tenno-Marshall
Every first Sunday of the Month, on the village green, from 8:30am to 12:30pm.

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Congratulations to SCC’s 2019 Year 11 students
Once again, students at Sedgefield Community College have been celebrating yet more exceptional GCSE success.

The school, which is recognised by OFSTED as ‘Outstanding’ in all respects, is no stranger to success of this magnitude, having been one of the North East and Cumbria’s highest performing secondary schools for a number of years. However, the challenge to maintain this standard has clearly not prevented students at the college from performing as this year they have not only matched the performance of previous years but actually surpassed it and broken all previous records! As happy students and parents opened envelopes to reveal their results.

Head teacher Dave Davies remarked, ‘It’s so rewarding to see so many happy faces in school this morning. It’s always so pleasing for everyone concerned to see so many students overcome with joy as they see the results of years of hard work. It is something that I personally never tire of despite the consistently high performance at Sedgefield over the years. I want to congratulate our students and their parents on another record breaking set of results. I am absolutely delighted for them. I would also like to congratulate our truly fantastic staff team who have also worked tirelessly to ensure that all students achieve their potential.
Sedgefield Plan approved
Sedgefield Plan approved In a community referendum on 12th September, almost 93% of those who voted expressed their support for The Sedgefield Plan, the draft Neighbourhood Plan for the parish. Turnout in the referendum was 25.8%, high for a vote of this type.

The Sedgefield Plan will now become a statutory planning document that Durham County Council and other authorities must refer to when determining development proposals in the area. Developed by Sedgefield Town Council and community volunteers, the plan contains policies about land use until 2033, which will influence the quantity, type, density, design and style of future housing, along with community and sports facilities and open spaces, amenities for young people, and other matters relating to land use in the town. The plan also includes a Built-up Area Boundary (BUAB), which maps out where future development in Sedgefield should be allowed, with the policies setting out limitations on what will be permitted inside and outside that boundary.

Cllr Mel Carr, chair of Sedgefield Town Council, pictured below, comments: “Sedgefield Town Council is delighted with the result of the referendum. “The town council is very grateful to everyone who contributed to the development of the plan, and to all of those who voted for its approval in the referendum.”
Sedgefield News from the past
by Martin F Peagam, The Time Traveller, on behalf of Sedgefield Local History Society. Painting by Richard Carlile. Manchester Library Services In October 1869 – 200 years ago, The Peterloo Massacre took place at St Peter's Field, Manchester, Lancashire, England on Monday 16 August 1819. It was recently the subject of a major feature film. At St Peter’s Fields in Manchester, armed cavalry charged into a peaceful rally of 60,000–80,000 who had gathered to demand the reform of parliamentary representation. The attack resulted in ‘15 deaths and over 600 injuries’ to men, women and children.

The Peterloo Massacre has been called ‘one of the defining moments of its age’ and a key moment in development of universal suffrage, giving everyone a political voice. But that is not how it was viewed in County Durham, including Sedgefield, at the time.

On Tuesday 19 October 1819 the newspapers carried an announcement by the High Sheriff of County Durham, William Keppell Barrington, from his residence at Sedgefield, expressing concern on behalf of ‘the nobility, clergy, and freeholders’. They demanded that an enquiry should take place into the ‘late melancholy events’ in Manchester. They were not concerned about the actions of the cavalry but into why people had gathered to protest.

After all, as the resolution said, whilst ‘we admit that many classes of the community may now be suffering distress’, that did not justify them protesting about it.
Skerne Medical Group: Flu Campaign 2019
Thank you to everyone who attended the clinic on 14th and 28th September (if you are receive this before the 28th, the clinic is from 8:30am-11:30am for patients aged 65years & over at Sedgefield and Fishburn surgeries).

On 12th October we are holding another 'walk in' flu vaccination clinic, for patients 65 years and over.
ALSO any other patient (excluding children) who is eligible to receive the free flu vaccine; and ...
patients with a serious medical condition, those with a weakened immune system, pregnant women. Also, patients living or working in long stay residential homes & carers.
The clinics at Sedgefield and Fishburn surgeries will be open between 8:30am & 11:30am. Please come along, no appointment necessary. NB. We are unlikely to have received the vaccine for children in time for this clinic - please check the practice website http://www.doctorsnhs.co.uk
CHESTER has been missing since 06.08.19
Sandy/beige coloured male tabby with a white tip to his tail. Neutered & microchipped, with no collar. Please help us find him - he is desperately missed. Reward for his return. Call 07727267941
With beady eyes, pointy face and snout,
Sedgefield’s Hedgehogs, are out and about.
Around our gardens they do roam,
Looking for a cosy, warm dry home.
Help them out with a box of plastic,
Filled with straw, they will think it’s fantastic!
A bowl of water and a tasty treat,
Cat food is what they like to eat.
Look after them as they start to hibernate,
Your prickly friends will think you are great
As they wake next year and leave their den,
Don’t be sad - they will visit again.
Richard Fearnside
Fun, Frienship & Fundraising at Church BBQ
In early September residents of Sedgefield and the surrounding villages were invited to attend a Family BBQ at the Rectory on Durham Road. Seventy people enjoyed sunny weather, BBQ'd food and good company, and the children had plenty of space to play.

Organised to bring the community together, the event was a great success and enjoyed by all. Money was raised for local underprivileged children. Please contact Alex on 01740 623557 if you are aware of families that may benefit (anonymously) from such funds. Our thanks to local businesses that generously donated food and raffle prizes: The Dun Cow, the Co-op, Number Four, Tickety Boo, Loft to Loved, Bolam's & Sainsbury's - and to our willing volunteers who made it a fantastic day.

To be repeated next summer. Watch out for the date!! BBQ friend