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Sedgefield through the years
With lots of interest in historic photographs and events in our area, Martin Peagam, The Time Traveller (right) from Sedgefield’s Local History Society has agreed to provide snippets of history on a regular basis. Here are two tasters.

May 1919: 100 years ago
Sedgefield Cricket Club visited Hart Cricket Club; it was the first match for Hart club after a lapse of four years (the extended tea-interval being due to a small matter of the First World War). Sedgefield won the match. Cricket won the day. Celebratory drinks were scarce, though. Colonel Burdon MP enquired in Parliament when the wartime restrictions on the sale of beer and spirits would be lifted. The ravages of the Spanish Flu, which infected 500million people worldwide, of whom 50-100 million died between January 1918 and December 1920, had missed the Sedgefield Asylum: it was reported that none of the 1,435 patients showed signs of the flu.

May 1819:
200 years ago Lord and Lady Stewart left Wynyard Hall for a weekend tour of Durham, visiting Sedgefield, Durham City and Sunderland. At Sedgefield toll-bar, the horses were removed from their carriage and the village folk pulled the carriage into the village to great cheers. Lord Stewart left £15 at the Black Lion Inn for the locals to have a drink.

However, the visit was marred by an accident. One local, called Piles, slipped and fell under the wheel of the carriage, receiving a broken leg. On their return from Sunderland on Sunday evening, Lord and Lady Stewart called in to assure themselves that the unfortunate man was being cared for.

For more information about your local history, visit the Facebook page of Sedgefield Local History Society or come along to one of our meetings
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See what's on near you this month, updates by Tom Guest. Don't forget to submit your event poster/details, reviews or videos.
Head off to the diary for all the latest dates for: Veterans Coffee Morning, U3A, Drop in Surgeries, New Generation Church, Methodist Wives & Friends, Local History Society, Sedgefield T Dance, Sedgefield WI, Sedgefield Country Market, Cricket Club Quiz, Ladies Club, Sew Easy, Sedgefield Neighbourhood Watch Meeting, Live Music Night at Sedgefield Cricket Club, Sedgefield Family History Group, Sedgefield Memory Café, Bradbury and Mordon Ladies Circle and more...
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£'s saved by Sedgefield Residents

The next Sedgefield Energy Switch auction period key dates are:

  • 2nd April 2019-Registration Opens
  • 20th May 2019-Registration Closes
  • 21st May 2019-Day of Auction
  • 3rd June 2019 -Offers letters issued
  • 2nd July 2019 -Offer acceptance closure
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Stall Holders

The market is held from 8.30am to 12.30pm on the village green. A FREE community stall, music tent & health bus are available throughout the year. The free stall is available to clubs and societies for promotion or fundraising. To take advantage of this fantastic opportunity call Roger Clubley: 01740 620609, email farmers@sedgefielddevelopmenttrust.co.uk.

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Homework Help continues, and there is room for more students as well as more helpers! We are also looking to set up sessions in Fishburn. If you would like to volunteer, or to request help with homework or careers guidance, email: homework@sedgefielddevelopmenttrust.co.uk or find us on Facebook.

Subjects Available

English, Maths, Sciences (physics, chemistry, biology), French, German, Spanish, History, Politics, Careers guidance, Help preparing university applications and interviews & Essay writing

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The next tree pack from Woodland Trust will be delivered 20/21st March. Hopefully we will be planting 23rd/24th March. Can you help?
Please contact woodland@sedgefielddevelopmenttrust.co.uk for more details.
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