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The stall holder’s tale.
My wife and I run The Busy Whisk, selling patisserie, desserts and Rachael’s now famous cheesecake. Sedgefield Farmers Market is fairly consistent for us. We know what to make and how much we can sell, but September had been quiet. We had taken home quite a lot of unsold stock, and if that happens on a Sunday there’s no other chance to sell. With our ingredients pretty expensive this can easily be the difference between profit and loss.

In the run up to the October market the forecast was ominous. Weather warnings were in place; it was going to be very wet. We were asking "Is the market going to be cancelled?", "Will anyone turn up?", "How much cream do we collect from the dairy?"

We contacted Roger, who runs the Farmers Market. He was aware of the warnings but said wind was always the real problem. He wanted to give the traders a chance to sell and customers not to miss out, so the market would go ahead. Was this good news or not? How much cream to buy? How much cheesecake to make? Would anyone turn up? We didn’t want to pull out, but it wasn’t worth going if we took less.

I had only recently volunteered to take over the Sedgefield Farmers Market Facebook page, so in the run up to the market I’d posted about the traders expected on Sunday, hoping that the extra promotion would increase footfall, but was the weather going to scupper my efforts? We decided to take the risk - as well as our usual numbers of cheesecakes!

Other markets had cancelled. Would customers assume that ours was off too? Now the focus was on getting the message out - our market was still on! Post after post pinged on the Sedgefield Farmer’s Market page on Facebook (have you ‘liked’ us yet?).

Sunday morning came along. I’d walked the dogs and was thoroughly soaked before I set off for market. Driving along the A689 through standing water, the rain coming down hard and visibility poor, I was questioning my sanity. Should I turn around? But we’ve never not turned up when we said we were attending, so on I ploughed, to be met by the smiling face of Ben Wreford, who was dry under a gazebo. Suddenly I had a good feeling.

When we had our stalls set up I left mine and went to photograph all the traders and put it out on Facebook; “The market is ON. Bring your brolly.” Well, the posts worked, customers came, everyone was happy that our little market had gone ahead despite the appalling weather. And all that worry about how much cheesecake to bring? I sold it all!
Hope to see you on November 3rd. Bruce Whitehouse
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The next Sedgefield Energy Switch auction period key dates are:

  • 13th August 2019-Registration Opens
  • 7th October 2019-Registration Closes
  • 8th October 2019-Day of Auction
  • 21st October 2019 -Offers letters issued
  • 26th November 2019 -Offer acceptance closure
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The market is held from 8.30am to 12.30pm on the village green. A FREE community stall, music tent & health bus are available throughout the year. The free stall is available to clubs and societies for promotion or fundraising. To take advantage of this fantastic opportunity call Roger Clubley: 01740 620609, email farmers@sedgefielddevelopmenttrust.co.uk.

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Homework Help continues, and there is room for more students as well as more helpers! We are also looking to set up sessions in Fishburn. If you would like to volunteer, or to request help with homework or careers guidance, email: homework@sedgefielddevelopmenttrust.co.uk or find us on Facebook.

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Main tasks to focus on over the next few months:-
🌿 Undergrowth clearing around the trees - by slashing weeds and leaving the weeds as mulch or by pulling weeds and removing them from the base of the trees.
🌿 Pulling the plant competition from out of the plastic sleeves e.g grass, nettles.
🌿 Litter picking.
🌿 As undergrowth gets bigger, clearing pathways among the trees is useful.
Can you help?
Please contact woodland@sedgefielddevelopmenttrust.co.uk for more details.
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